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-Americas Animated Satire of The Simpson’s-

Before The Simpson’s was introduced many sitcoms were quite bland and a perfect reflection of family life. Matt Groening decided to make a program that reacted against these middle class sitcoms. The purpose of The Simpson’s is to entertain us; otherwise no one will watch it. However The Simpson’s also expose stereotypes that satirize aspects of mainstream cultures and institutions that are wrong, as a way of ridiculing them.

Along with my young sister, I find that the best show on TV is The Simpson’s. We enjoy seeing Bart and Lisa getting into trouble, because we can relate to some of the situations, and because it has a lot of funny moments that even children will enjoy, such as the time Barney rolls into everyone during the soccer riot. My parents and I enjoy it as it has adult jokes and adult themes such as when Patty and Selma are seducing the repairman. Many other animated sitcoms like South Park have failed to equal The Simpson’s wide age range and that is a reason why they don’t match The Simpson’s’ accomplishments.

In “The Cartridge Family”, Homer buys a gun to protect his family after a citywide orgy of destruction. Homer abuses the gun though. For example he tries to turn the channels on the TV by shooting at it. Marge who feels guns will endanger the family makes Homer choose between his family or the gun. The Simpson’s also satirizes some aspects of American mainstream culture. The main aspect in this episode is the gun culture. In this episode, The Simpson’s are trying to persuade us that guns are dangerous, because in America many people own guns. To do this The Simpson’s exaggerate that guns put your family at a lot of risk instead of protecting them. For example when Bart almost shoots Millhouse, The Simpson’s point out that a gun owner is hypocritical.

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In this show, nearly all the characters fit into certain stereotypes. In “The Cartridge Family” violent Scottish football fans wearing tartans and red hair worsen a soccer riot. They say ‘Call this a soccer riot’ and bring out weapons. These fans are conforming to the stereotype of Scottish people and British hooligans. This stereotype has been exaggerated so that it can be brought to our attention and so we realize how silly the stereotype is. On the other hand the father stereotype is being subverted in when the “Ex-Con” salesman comes over, Homer doesn’t listen to a word he says. Instead he shouts, “Give me the deadliest gun you’ve got,” in a very excited manner with his eyes wide open. This is subverting the stereotype because the father should be calm and have good judgment. The father should know what is best for the family. Homer doesn’t. Matt Groening could be trying to tell us that all fathers are not clever or have good judgment.

In “The Cartridge Family” law and politics are also criticized a lot. Mayor Quimby is supposed to be the politician and because of this he leads a very seedy and corrupt private life. Mayor Quimby comes into Marge’s room with a blonde woman and asks if Marge needs the room for the whole night. This is showing that politicians often abuse their power and are very dishonest because there is some real life Mayor Quimbys, for example Bill Clinton.

Although The Simpson’s has been America’s favorite animated comedy series for over ten years, we have learned that the show also has taught us a few things about how silly our culture can be sometimes.

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