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All around the world, in any country or any language, cigarette advertisements always have a surgeon’s warning that says something along the lines of “Smoking causes serious health hazards.” As people read see this warning label, they all wonder why a cigarette company would put such a warning on their items if they were trying to sell them and attract the public eye to their product. Truth is, if these cigarette companies were not forced by law to put such warnings on their advertisements, they would avoid them in order to make smoking look as attractive as can be. In fact, a great number of people, despite the warning of serious health hazards, find smoking to be attractive. Among the many reasons that smoking could actually be a positive thing, it is important to understand why smokers are so in love with their nicotine.

First of all, smoking is fun. Most people do no enjoy having to sit down and work for long hours. However, taking a break, with cigarette in hand, they feel more relaxed and freshened afterwards. Smoking is a reward. Most people want to be rewarded. Smoking is a reward that one can give themselves as often as they wishes. For example, an artist may say “I deserve a little fun, so I’m going to have a cigarette.”

Smoking at the beginning of the day and toward the end of the day are the most rewarding. At the beginning of the day, after breakfast, one is prepared for the work they need to accomplish during the day, and by relaxing themselves, they are preparing themselves for the hard effort that will be needed. At the end of the day, it is rewarding as it is like a closing door. A last cigarette gives a person the feeling of “this day is over”; it is a way of confirming that the day has been finished as now, with their last draws before resting, as they know they can relax and not worry about anything as it is all done.

Smoking is also enjoyed when it is accompanied with other pleasures. A smoke after a meal is like another course. It also brings up the more positive, optimistic side of a person, helping them see more negative situations as less stressful.

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Because of the unreal characteristic of smoke and the way it floats, smoke has always had meaning in ancient myths and legends. Man has always enjoyed this as it raised a sense of mystery and magic. In more modern day situations, people enjoy seeing puffs of smoke they blow, just as everybody else likes to watch the hot air from their mouths as they breathe in the cold air. Many times, people associate blowing smoke with clouds as both can form different shapes. To smokers, this is relaxing because as they watch puffs and rings being blown out, they are calm by focused on something that does not cause extra stress for them.

It is said that the way people smoke represents their personality. While speaking, some people always let their cigarettes hang from their mouths, others let it move up and down, and others hold it between their fingers. When lighting and unlighting a cigarette, people also have different ways they have personally developed from their own experiences. Moods can also be seen in the way people smoke. For example, an angry smoker may inhale deeply and blow out quickly and furiously, but a nervous smoker may take quicker and shorter breaths. The way people smoke show different factors about them, making them look individual and different than everybody else, without being outcasts or ‘abnormal’ because many others are smoking around them as well.

Smoking brings pleasure. A new pack of cigarettes causes a person to feel fresh and pleasant. They feel fresh because it is a new package, almost as if a new start came with every pack. They feel fresh because it is a new package that will help them relax as well as blow out their troubles.

The greatest argument against smoking is the issue of health problems. Most smokers experience poor heart or lung conditions. However, everybody has to go experience death, and even when it is not caused by bad health, many end up dying by suffering. Whether or not a person is diagnosed with lung cancer, they will have to suffer and die just like any other person. It is common knowledge that life should be lived to the fullest. Therefore, if smokers can experience happiness, peace and satisfaction just like any other person, whether smoker or non-smoker, why shouldn’t they be able to smoke during their lives and fully enjoy it while they have their lives in their hands. Also, smoking is less controlling of the brain as alcohol is and it is easier to control compared to alcohol, so people are not put at a risk every time they smoke, like they are when they consume alcohol.

Finally, smoking is also an international symbol. People of all race, economic status, career and family lines are, in a way, joined by the peace of smoking. Smokers of all categories all react to smoking in the same way and feel the same way after having a pleasant smoke. It is another way of bringing identification to a person- in unity with those who may be of a different category, but of similar profiles, likes and ways of receiving pleasure.

In conclusion, bad health caused by smoking depends on how much a person smokes. In other words, not all smokers die of lung or heart disease. From one draw of a cigarette, a person is easily relaxed. This helps them to think better and be more calm, being able to control different situations better. Smoking is also pleasant, brings fun and raises the spirit.


Smoking does cause extremely poor health. Before suffering from such bad health, smokers may feel as if they are doing themselves a favor by becoming more relaxed and having fun, but every time they draw in smoke into their bodies, they are hurting it. No matter how much they enjoy it, they will have to suffer consequences, whether they are extreme or less serious. Also, there are so many more ways in which a person can receive pleasure, satisfaction and enjoyment. There are other ways that a person can have a good, fulfilled life without smoking. Smokers also cause problems for those who live and work around them. Second hand smoke causes young children to suffer with life-long diseases or breathing problems. It causes conflict between those who try to keep good morals and be good examples and those who want to live their own lives for themselves, without giving deep thought of others. Smoking is dangerous for all mankind and all living things. It causes physical, emotional and social problems, therefore it should be avoided.

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