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How would you feel if someone you loved was on thier death bed and was awaiting a heart transplant from an organ donor, but there wasnt enough time. How grateful would you be if that person had the opportunity to live longer from a cloned heart? This is only one of the benefits of cloning.

The arguements about cloning are great on both sides. Im here to present to you how the benefits of cloning outweigh the cons. Assuming, that cloning can be used for the greater good lets go with that, and emphasize the good that can come out of cloning. If we can do that than by all means we will be well on our way to doing good for humanity, which I assume is what most of us want and realize has to happen for the survival of our species. The problemlies in getting people to realize the EXTREME need for cloning. People are reaching old age quickly and dying from disease. Cloning could prevent this. Our lives have become expendable because there is not enough time to do the stuff we want. Were forced to oversimplify our lives rather then finding a HEALTHY balance. Cloning will enable us to live longer, thus improving vastly of the quality of our lives to the point where were not recycling people like we do our paper. See where Im going?

There are many ways in which human cloning is expected to benefit mankind. below is a list far from complete.


Reverse heart attacks

Stem cells


Plastic, reconstructive, and cosmetic surgery

Defective genes

Liver failure



Spinal cord injury

Testing for genetic disease

Cloning will improve the overall quality of science and life.

Cloning might produce a greater understanding of the causes of miscarriages.

Cloning experience may add to the increased understanding of genetics.

Cloning could be used for parents who risk passing a genetic defect to a child.

Damage to the nervous system could be treated through cloning.

Cloning will allow a woman to have one set of identical twins.

Clones would not be robots following their host’s every move. The only difference is they way they are conceived. They would grow in the mother’s womb just like a normal child, have a normal birth, a unique personality, and a free will to follow or reject God. The question should not be whether clones would be real people, but whether the way in which they are conceived is right.

Most Christians would not support parents paying a scientist to clone a child for them for two possible reasons. First, just as Meilaender argued, God showed us in the first few chapters of His Word, that he meant only for procreation to populate the earth. The problem is many times the Bible does not only give commandments; it merely gives a historic account. Second, they would have some control over the genetics, which should be left in God’s hands. Although cloning a child for infertile parents may not be moral or right, it is difficult to prove. Artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization contrast almost as sharply with procreation as procreation does with cloning. Even in certain adoption cases, parents control whether they accept the child and can choose one according to their desires.

One standard argument against reproductive human cloning has its historical roots in the ethical debate over the use of in-vitro fertilisation. Various representatives of religious organisations argued against the use of IVF on the basis that people whose coming into being was a result of IVF would likely be discriminated against by the wider society. We do know today that these concerns were unwarranted. IVF is a standard procedure in most developed countries, and children born as a result of IVF are as happy as any other average child. This historical experience has not prevented religiously motivated people to once again raise the spectre of discrimination against human clones as a weapon against human reproductive cloning research and, once that is technically possible, human cloning. Bioethicists were quick to create “nightmare visions of baby farming, of clones cannibalised for spare parts”[vii], and similar nonsense.

Despite the new possibilities, Christians or Catholics may argue that human cloning should never happen at all because it shows no respect for the human soul. Unfortunately, they do not realize that clones would be their own unique person with their own soul. Hawley explains Although nuclear transfer produces clones, scientists confess that they are not exact clones because the recipient egg does not receive all the genetic information from the donor cell. The genetic material that does not make it to the egg cell is found in ribosomes, which are present in the cytoplasm. In addition, mutations can occur and genomic imprinting could cause other differences. Scientists even say monozygotic twins, or identical twins, are not as identical as we thought. Scientists also predict that dizygotic twins, or fraternal twins, would maintain more similarities than clones. (Hawley)

The following are examples of which people would support cloning

1) A couple has one child then they become infertile and cannot have more children. Cloning would enable such a couple to have a second child, perhaps a younger twin of the child they already have.

) A child is lost soon after birth to a tragic accident. Many parents have written the HCF after losing a baby in a fire, car accident, or other unavoidable disaster. These grief stricken parents often say that they would like to have their perfect baby back. Human cloning would allow such parents to have a twin of their lost baby, but it would be like other twins, a unique individual and not a carbon copy of the child that was lost under heartbreaking circumstances.

) A woman who through some medical emergency ended up having a hysterectomy before being married or having children. Such women have been stripped of their ability to have children. These women need a surrogate mother to have a child of their own DNA, which can be done either by human cloning or by in vitro fertilization.

4) A boy graduates from high school at age 18. He goes to a pool party to celebrate. He confuses the deep end and shallow end and dives head first into the pool, breaking his neck and becoming a quadriplegic. At age 1 he has his first urinary tract infection because of an indwelling urinary catheter and continues to suffer from them the rest of his life. At age 0 he comes down with herpes zoster of the trigeminal nerve. He suffers chronic unbearable pain. At age 1 he inherits a 10 million dollar trust fund. He never marries or has children. At age 40 after hearing about Dolly being a clone, he changes his will and has his DNA stored for future human cloning. His future mother will be awarded one million dollars to have him and raise him. His DNA clone will inherit a trust fund. He leaves five million to spinal cord research. He dies feeling that although he was robbed of normal life, his twin/clone will lead a better life.

5) Two parents have a baby boy. Unfortunately the baby has muscular dystrophy. They have another child and its another boy with muscular dystrophy. They decide not to have any more children. Each boy has over 0 operations as doctors attempt to keep them healthy and mobile. Both boys die as teenagers. The childless parents donate their estate to curing muscular dystrophy and to having their boys cloned when medical science advances enough so that their DNA can live again, but free of muscular dystrophy.

The only support I ask of is that you believe and are for the benefits of cloning and will pass on your views to your friends, family, and relatives, so that they to will be able to cast thier opinion to the government when the time comes. Cloning could save thier lives one day.

The list above only touches the surface of what human cloning technology can do for mankind. This new technology unleashes a new era of advancement in medicine if people will realease thier fears and let the benefits begin. Why should someone be robbed of a normal life? Why should someone suffer or die when if the technology is allowed we should be able to cure it in a few years time?

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