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Colombia is a democratic republic with elections by popular vote. Colombia’s democracy is characterized for being the most solid one in Latin America. The last military coup was during the early 150s to overthrow the dictatorship of Rojas Pinilla. The Colombian government goal is the economic and social development of the country.

In the early 160’s the Colombian government bombed a group of guerrillas known as “La Chusma” in their effort to end with the insurgency. Manuel Marulanda Velez- commonly known as “Tirofijo” (Sure shot) survived the bombing and founded The FARC-EP (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia-for the People). As a wing of Colombia’s communist party The FARC embraced Marxist-Leninist ideological orientation. The article “Guerillas in Colombia” declared “Its objective is to take power over Colombia and implement a socialist /Marxist regime to achieve social justice” (“Objectives”). Because of these ideologies the Colombian Communist Party supplied arms and helped them financially during their struggling beginnings. During their early stages The FARC only had military targets and attacked Colombian military post to gather supplies. In 168 the Colombian government started diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union and worked together with them to weaken The FARC. The union between the Colombian government and the Soviet Union worked and this actions lead The FARC to look for others ways of operating and financing. During the late 170 and early 180 The FARC turned to kidnapping and its evolution to what they are today begun. Nowadays, The FARC is not an ideological guerilla anymore; they are a merchant guerilla protected by their past ideologies.

As a communist party The FARC is a force for the people, and they are against the Colombian capitalist system. According to ANNCOL, The FARC stated that during years their speeches have been centered in holding their position as defenders of the popular classes and that their enemies are the oligarchy, the monopolies and the imperialism. Their “objectives” are to distribute the wealth of the country among the people and that the country does not belong to a few. In addition, The FARC does not want multinational organizations going to Colombia to exploit its natural resources. They fight because the people are subdue by the government and the people do not have work and education easiness. FARC reiterated these statements in another document also published in ANNCOL where they said “we been denouncing for a long time the oppression and exploitation conditions of our people, claiming the defense of their rights and substantial changes in the economic and political structure of the nation(qtd. in Army of the People?).

In the recent document “Another Colombia is Possible”, The FARC considers that for reaching peace the following must happen

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1. The solution to the social and armed conflict of Colombia should be reached throughout dialogue, in a relaxed environment and must be directed to resolve all the economic, social and military causes…

. To facilitate the dialogue measures to reduce the intensity of the conflict should be applied. Also measures that generate trust between both sides…

. The Plan Colombia should be suspended, the biggest enemy of the pacific solution, and all other form of international intervention that increments the conflict, help embezzlement and increments the corruption of the country.

4. The European countries and the European Union can and should provide their help to a pacific and negotiated peace…

5. In benefit to peace the advances on peace reached during the last years should be taken in consideration…

6. The arrival of a person to the presidency that supports death squadrons and that is in favor of the legalization of mercenary groups, demands a stronger vigilance of the international community regarding the respect of the Human Rights and the International Human Right (“Consideramos que”).

The Colombian government as a democratic government is open to different points of view and wants to negotiate a peace treaty with the FARC as it has been done before with other groups like the ELN (Army for National Liberty). In their effort to reach peace with this group Colombia gave them a piece of land as big as Switzerland for the negotiations called el Caguan, but this group kept playing with the government and the international organizations. After two years of having their “own county” and failing to reach a treaty with the government, the government retook the power of the zone to find that they had transformed the land to make peace into a drug laboratory with more than 5 runways for their drug business and weapons restock. The Colombian government wants to reach peace without the use of force, but these insurgents only use the peace negotiations to buy time to become stronger. Because of this, without letting out of consideration the peace dialogues, the government turns their efforts to “El Plan Colombia” which according to the United States Institute of Peace and Liberty consists of 10 strategies, but The FARC is mostly against the fourth one

A national defense strategy to restructure and modernize the armed forces and the police, so that they will be able to restore the rule of law and provide security throughout the country, to combat organized crime and armed groups and to protect and promote human rights and international humanitarian law (“Plan Colombia”).

The FARC’s ideologies may be good depending of how you look at them and how they are exposed to you. Different European watchdogs especially in France and some communist groups throughout Russia support the FARC as a result of misinformation provided by this group. They have been working with these groups for several years, but everything is starting to change as the government informs the world of their real actions.

If you try to evaluate The FARC you may ask yourself are they really trying to create a government that reflects those ideas? And if so are their actions adequate for the scenario? The truth is that their way of operating contradicts all their “ideologies”. The FARC is known in Colombia for attacking small towns and robbing their banks, markets and pharmacies. Also for using prohibited weapons such as mines and gas cylinders. They recruit with extortions and threat the life of the family of the new recruits if they escape. Their opponents are killed. This group recruits minors under 1. In addition according to McDermott

In the latest incident, an ambulance was leaving the scene of fierce fighting in the southern province of Putumayo, Colombias coca growing heartland, carrying a wounded paramilitary fighter. It was stopped by a guerrilla roadblock, the back doors opened and the wounded paramilitary in the back executed. (“Red Cross”)

As you can see they do not reflect their ideas. Instead of resorting to dialogue in a relaxed environment with the facilities given by the government they violated the agreements made with the government as it is shown in an investigation made by the Human Rights Watch where they claimed that “…this concern has proven justified since the FARC has admitted to assassinating people there, accusing them of being paramilitaries, while the families of those killed have refuted the charges” (“A forum on”). This violation is just one of the thousands of examples of The FARC’s violence. Another example of their behavior was expressed by the director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch he said, “ the FARC-EP must immediately stop using gas cylinder bombs, because their use constitutes a serious violation of international humanitarian law” (qtd. in Colombia FARC responsible). Also recently according to the diary of the people The FARC committed what has been called the biggest massacre of the armed conflict in Colombia, they diary acknowledged that “ in addition to the 11 bodies, mostly women and children, another 100 resulted wounded” (Ordenan captura”). Then again according to Semana magazine The FARC in their “effort” to create a country for the people “ in the past two and a half years they have killed 870 civilians of which % were middle and lower class” (“The world against”). Are not they supposed to be protecting those people according to their ideologies?

If you look at the rest of the measures that must be taken to reach peace according to The FARC, you can clearly see why they want that to happen. The suspension of El Plan Colombia is one of their biggest interests because it will be the road to their end. With El Plan Colombia US military support will take place in Colombia and they know that the US has many years of advantage in the battlefield. They only want international intervention from the groups that they have influenced during the past years, and the government beliefs that some of the groups that support them were even created by them to influence other groups.

Like The FARC the Colombian government also violates humanitarian laws. In the article Colombia’s Military “Human Rights Watch accused specific brigades and commanding officers in the Colombian military of collaborating with paramilitaries who are committing atrocities against civilians.” It has been known for years about the link between paramilitaries and the government, but both parties have always denied it. These violations are the main reason for the allegations of The FARC since the paramilitaries were already qualified as terrorist by the international community.

For these reasons, The FARC cannot be considered an ideological guerilla group. They are business people who make money by trafficking, kidnapping, extorting, stealing, and deceiving even the people who they say they are fighting for. For peace negotiations both groups have to be in disposition for dialogue, otherwise the government will have to keep fighting by force and will have to keep trying to block The FARC’s international accounts, weapons supplies by informing what they are really doing.

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