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Everyone Needs to Know the Facts about Smoking

The dangers are clear

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• Many studies have proven that smoking is dangerous to smokers health.

• Theyve also shown that health risks exist for nonsmokers who are regularly exposed to others smoke.

More and more people and choosing not to smoke

• At one time, the majority of adults in the U.S. smoked -- now less than 0% smoke.

• Most smokers want to quit.

Smoking is a leading cause of early death!

Smoking Affects the Body in Many Ways

Cigarette smoke contains cancer-causing substances

Many of the nearly 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke are harmful to people. Some are known to cause cancer.

Harmful substances include

• Carbon Monoxide

• Nicotine

• Tar

Cigarette smoke causes sever damage to the body

Cigarette smoke causes irration and damage to

• Throat

• Cilia (tiny hair-like structures that filter air in lungs)

• Lungs

• Heart and Circulatory System -- blood pressure and heart rate rise

• Digestive System -- the risk of stomach ulcers increases

• Nervous System -- the senses of smell and taste are dulled

Many People Begin to Smoke When They Are Teenagers

People begin smoking for different reasons. Often, its a result of

• Peer Pressure

Many teenagers are extremely self-conscious. They dont want to appear different. If friends are smoking, a teen may feel tempted to smoke, too. But a smoking habit, with its associated risks, is a high price to pay for being part of the crowd.

• Advertising Images

Magazine ands and billboards often make smoking seem sophisticated and cool. They never show the ugly sides or tell you how dangerous it is.

• Insecurity

Some people smoke to try to feel more at ease around other people. But a cigarette is no substitute for self-confidence.

• Concern with Weight

Some people smoke because they think it will help them keep off unwanted pounds. But smoking wont make you think, and its one of the worst things you can do to your health.

• A Need to Rebel

Some teens start smoking because they know their parents dont want them to. But in many cases, these teens got the idea to smoke from their parents. Theyre not rebelling so much as imitating.

If a person doesnt start smoking before age 0 he or she will probably never become a smoker.

The fact is, there are no good reasons to smoke.

Smoking is Unhealthy

Its been proven that smoking can lead to


These types of cancer are related to smoking

• Oral Cavity

Smoking is a major cause of cancers of the mouth, tongue, lip, cheek and throat.

• Esophagus

Smokers are more likely to develop cancer in the passageway between throat and stomach.

• Larynx

Smokers are many times more likely to get this cancer.

• Lung

This is the most common and deadliest form of cancer related to smoking. Most people with lung cancer die from it.

• Kidney

The death rate for smokers is almost twice that of non-smokers.

• Pancreas

Smoking is the single greatest cause of this cancer.

• Urinary Bladder

Smokers greatly increase their chance of this type of cancer.

Heart Disease

Smoking is a leading cause of death from heart attacks and strokes.

Emphysema And Chronic Bronchitis

These serious lung diseases can cause disability and death. Smoking is involved in most causes.

General Sickness

Colds, infections and many other illnesses are much more common in smokers. As a result, smokers miss more days of work than nonsmokers.

Physical Addiction to Nicotine

Nicotine is a physically addicting drug that produces withdrawal symptoms when a person stops using it.

Smoking Endangers Other People

People who live and work around smokers are affected in many ways.

Passive Smoking

Breathing others smoke increases carbon monoxide levels in the blood and deposits tar in the lungs. Studies show increased rates of lung cancer for those who live with heavy smokers.

Newborn and Unborn Babies

Pregnant women should not smoke. Women who smoke have higher rates of miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth.

Their babies suffer from higher rates of low birth weight and infections.

Some studies indicate children of women who smoke are more likely to have a disability or a behavior problem.

Sensitivity and Allergies to Smoke

These range from moderate to severe. People with asthma or heart trouble are especially at risk. A reaction to others smoke can prevent people from functioning well in a job or enjoying themselves at home or in public.

Fire Hazards

Careless smoking is a leading cause of fire deaths in the U.S.

Costs of Health Care, Insurance and Lost Work Time

Because smokers are sick more often and require expensive health care to treat smoking-related illnesses, everyone pays for smokers poor health.

Effects on Family Members

Children of smokers are more likely to get cold, ear infections and pneumonia. And, parents are role models -- if parents are smokers, children are more likely to become smokers, too. and the emotional costs of a parents early death or disability are enormous.

Smoking Makes You Unattractive

Advertisements present a pretty picture of smokers. Actually, smoking isnt pretty at all. It affects your

• Breath

Although smokers dont notice it, the smell of smokers breath is extremely unpleasant to nonsmokers, especially in intimate situations.

• Teeth

Cigarettes turn teeth yellow, making a pleasant smile unsightly.

• Clothes

Holes from cigarette ashes are common, along with the constant smell of smoke.

• Home

Smoking creates filled (and spilled) ashtrays, burn holes in furniture and rugs, and an overwhelming smell of smoke. Theres the constant danger of fire, too.

• Work

Your work performance can be hampered by a smoking habit. Smoking can interfere with the way others respond to you, too.

• General Appearance

A cigarette in your hand or dangling from your mouth doesnt mean youre strong or sophisticated -- just that you have an ugly habit.

Today, Smoking is No Longer Socially Acceptable

A few years ago, smoking was an accepted part of out culture. But today, people realize that smoking is a dangerous and dirty habit. More and more people are rejecting smoking, and are asking smokers to refrain.

Some Tips on Quitting

Smoking can be a hard habit to break -- many people try more than once before quitting for good. But in the long run, people who do quit fell better physically and mentally.

• Know Why You Want to Quit

Establish your goals firmly -- improved health, financial savings, work or social reasons, etc.

• Decide How and When

Decide if you want to go cold turkey or taper off gradually. Either way, set a date and stick to it.

• Get Help

You can choose from a variety of sources

o group programs

o your health-care provider

o counseling

o hypnosis

• Reward Yourself

Use the money you save to buy a treat or celebrate anniversaries of your quit date.

• Exercise

Its a great way to reinforce your commitment to good heath. (Consult a physician before you begin.)

• Aviod Activities and Places That Prompt Smoking

Spend time in places that prohibit smoking. Adopt a new habit for times and places you previously smoked. Get rid of ashtrays and lighters.

• Find Healthy Substitutes

Take up hobbies that keep your hands busy. Snack on carrots and celery, or chew sugarless gum Drink plenty of water.

• Make A List of Reasons Youre Glad You Quit

Youll find plenty of them -- and some you probably never expected.

• Remember -- Theres No Safe Tobacco

Spit tobacco, snuff, cigars and pipes all pose health hazards, too.

Help Create A Smoke-Free Society

You can encourage a healthier way of life for all by supporting

Nonsmoking Sections

Many public and private buildings reserve space so you can avoid the hazards of passive smoking.

Take advantage of these areas

• in restaurants

• at job sites

• on public transportation

Smoking Legislation

Many federal agencies, cities, towns and states have laws concerning smoking in public buildings, transportation, schools, work sites, etc.

Support these laws or work for their passage. Theyre in everyones best interest.

Smoking Rules At Work

Many employers limit smoking to certain times or places, or ban smoking entirely. These rules are healthy for employees and economical for the company.

So, Dont Smoke!


about the dangers of smoking.


that smoking in unappealing -- as well as unhealthy.

If you dont smoke -- dont start. If you do smoke -- quit. Its one of the best things you can do for yourself.

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