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Imagine having eleven friends killed every day in a car accident. In America there are eleven teens killed every day in relation to driving under the influence. Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is when a person’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds the limit allowed by that state and are driving a vehicle. Blood alcohol concentration is the amount of alcohol in a person’s blood expressed as a percentage. Blood alcohol concentration can be as low as .0 when signs of intoxication can be seen. Fifty percent of crashes in which the passenger dies occur because the driver was legally drunk. Even if you are not with a drunk driver you can still be killed by one. It’s a good idea to stay off the roads on nights such as graduation, prom night, new years, or any other major holidays. Alcohol is among the most abused drugs in our society, and can be as potent as many other illegal drugs. People often do not realize that they are becoming dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol reduces the ability to judge distances, speeds, turns, and the ability to know your own capabilities. It increases a person’s tendency to take risks, slows reflexes, adds to forgetfulness to take precautions such as using turn signals, and reduces the ability to concentrate. Steering an automobile is harmfully affected by alcohol, as alcohol affects eye-to-hand reaction times. Significant impairment and deterioration of steering ability begin at approximately .0 to .04% Blood Alcohol Concentrations and continue to deteriorate as Blood Alcohol Concentration rises. Almost every aspect of the brains information-processing ability is impaired by alcohol. Alcohol-impaired drivers require more time to read street signs or respond to traffic signals than unimpaired drivers. Alcohol can also reduce a person’s sensitivity to colors. This can become extremely dangerous when drunk drivers approach stop lights and will often make bad decisions.

In Pennsylvania drinking and driving remains a large safety problem. In 000, alcohol-related crashes 14,564, increased from 14,07 alcohol-related crashes in 1 while alcohol-related deaths 510, decreased from 58 alcohol-related deaths in 1. A lot of the concern is the involvement of drinking drivers under the age of 1. Underage drinking drivers in 000 went up 5% since 1. Also in 000, 0% of the driver deaths in the 16-0 age group were drinking drivers. Pennsylvania is making consistent efforts to keep teens off alcohol, and keep all alcohol off the roads.

In 000 7% of the alcohol-related crashes were during the hours of darkness, usually on weekends. Alcohol-related crashes occurring between 800 PM and 400 AM produced the majority of deaths. Over half the deaths from non-alcohol-related crashes resulted from crashes occurring between noon and 800 PM.

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As you can tell, there is absolutely nothing but negative things that can result from driving under the influence. There are several consequences by law that occur when a person is pulled over legally drunk. The most immediate consequence is the confiscation of driver’s license and a possible suspension of license. Other consequences are arrest, a possible trip to jail, court appearance, fine, cost of bail money, higher insurance rates, and possible lawsuits.

Organizations such as Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD) are a large part in an attempt to keep their teenagers from drinking, and all people who are intoxicated off the roads. It is obviously a difficult and slow process, but they continue to help save lives each year through extensive research and by simply helping others. Hopefully the number of deaths related to drunk driving will continue to decrease each and every year in the future.

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