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“The Hot Zone”, by Richard Preston, is truly a work of art. Full of action and excitement, and scary at times, this non-fictional novel is a thrill to read. The overall tone is most likely a cross between suspense and shocking reality. It is about an extremely perilous virus called Ebola. The main characters are Charles Monet, Dr. Musoke, Nancy Jaax, and David Silverstein. The beginning of the novel is quite frightening. In sometimes gruesome detail, it describes the outbreaks of two strains of Ebola, and of Marburg(also a virus, related to Ebola). These are viruses which are capable of wiping out the entire human race. One of these viruses, called Ebola Zaire, destroys human beings in a very rapid and gory way. Ebola Zaire kills 0 percent of those who catch the disease! “The Hot Zone” tells us this dramatic story, giving a mind-boggling account of the appearance of lethal and rare viruses and their “crashes” into the human race. This story even describes situations that just a few years ago, would have been taken for science fiction. An example of symbolism I picked out from “The Hot Zone” is the sick passenger, who arrives from Africa and ends up spreading the disease. This man symbolizes sickness and death. The main conflict involves people versus nature, or us humans fighting against the deadly viruses. In continuation, approaching the middle of the novel, Ebola breaks out close to Washington D.C., where it wipes out hundreds of monkeys that were imported for laboratory experiments. The climax, I would have to say, is the woman’s reacting to the Ebola virus inside the monkey house, which is described in great detail. This scene is definitely one of the highest points in action. When you read on, you’ll figure out the denquement, or outcome of the story, which is that after a massive effort to contain the virus, this form of Ebola doesn’t seem to be harmful towards humans.

I thought “The Hot Zone” was extremely well-written as well as entertaining. Richard Preston is an excellent writer. I felt it was astonishingly easy to get into,and incredibly difficult to stop reading. It took much of my time, but it was worth it. I’m glad I finished it in time for this assignment. Once again, I enjoyed the story, with a passion!

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