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Brutus is “a noble man” who puts the good of Rome ahead of himself or anyone else, and this is why Caesar has to die. This personality trait makes the suspense in the play much more effective, because you do not know if something could change in his mind to make him realize that maybe his reason isn’t a good enough reason to kill a good friend. Though other characters may make it seem that they are acting noble about killing Caesar, you know that they are not killing him for the same reasons Brutus is. So even though Brutus’s reason for killing Caesar may seem a little more extreme than everyone else’s, it is really the most noble out of all of them.

In Scene of Act I, there are a few good examples of why Brutus is thought of as putting the good of Rome ahead of himself and others. One good example is in Lines 46 and 47 where it basically says that Brutus does not show his love to fellow man as he does to his country. Then in Lines 85 through 8, it is explained how Brutus looks at honor and death. He says that he would rather have honor than fear death.

In Scene 1 of Act II is where two more good examples of Brutus’s personality can be found and how he is more of a noble person than others. Lines 61 through 6 importantly show that even though Brutus was having trouble thinking about betraying Caesar, he still kills Caesar in the end. This is very important to proving Brutus’s personality because it just backs-up how no matter what, the good of Rome will always come before all else. Brutus demonstrates how noble he really is in Lines 165-174, where everyone feels like they are being barbaric with what they are doing to Caesar, and he assures them all that what all of them are doing is truly the right thing to do.

In Scene 1 of Act III there are a few good reasons why Brutus should be looked at as a very noble and proud man. Line 18 is just a brief quote that shows that Brutus is very proud to be a Roman, and he truly respects his fellow Romans. Line 170 shows us once again that everything Brutus does is all for the general good of Rome, and that even if it is something that is not the right thing to do, it just shows that he may jeopardize himself for the greater-good of his country.

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Brutus is a very honorable man who looks past himself and looks straight to his country and what needs to be done for it. He honestly believes that the reason he killed Caesar is truly a good reason, and that all the others who say that they are doing it for personal reasons are savages. So today, people may look at Brutus and think that the honor or pride for your country is not a good enough reason to kill someone, but after reading all of these quotes, you almost start to believe that Caesar’s death was justified.

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