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Throughout this assignment I will compare and contrast two primary sources from the brophy text. The two sources I chose are John Locke from Two Treatises on Government, and Jacques-Benigne Bossuet from Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture.

There are many differences between the two sources, however there are many similarities as well. Locke and Bossuet lived during the same time period, and actually died in the same year. Both men were born into considerable wealth and were very well educated. Locke was an English philosopher while Bossuet was a French Roman Catholic clergyman. Locke and Bossuett also had some royalty in their blood. Locke’s brother was Charles II and Bossuet was the son of Louis XIV.

Locke and Bossuet were authors of two very important writings of their time. Locke wrote the Two Treatises on Government and Bossuet wrote the Politics Drawn from the Very Words of Holy Scripture. The writings were two different views of basically the same subject, which was about the absolute monarch. The first of the two treaties written by Locke was against the patriarchal justification of the absolute monarch, and the second has to do with the theory of politics based on natural law, which provides the foundation of human freedom. Locke believes that every man has an equal right to his natural freedom without being subjected to the will or authority of any other man. While Bossuet’s writing argued for the divine right of kings, from the belief that God created kingship, so kings were answerable only to God. Bossuet believed that God put something divine into kings, and that he made the great as a way to protect the small, and so he gave his power to kings to do public good and to support the people.

My perspective on the idea of the absolute monarch was pretty much the same view that John Locke seemed to have had. I believe that every man has the right to his natural born freedom, as does Locke. However Locke believes that this right should not be subjected to the will or authority of another man. While I somewhat agree with this statement, I also feel that everyone needs to be subjected to some authority, it keeps things in order and provides discipline among other things.

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