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How should we deal with our mineral resources?

We use energy everyday in our life. In ancient time, our ancestors did not know how to use the mineral resources. However, now we use the mineral resources to produce the great amount of energy for more convenient life. About past several centuries, we used our mineral resources thoughtlessly because people thought there are infinite mineral resources on earth. As a result, many scientists predicting that our mineral resources are in danger of running out. We have to consider this problem seriously because the mineral resources are necessary such as energy and construction.. Although some mineral resources are not so necessary for life, it is better to use them wisely for future such as gem stones.

In order to prevent exhaustion of resources, we should do something. We can prevent it by controlling the use of certain materials. In this way, it will prolong exhaustion of our resources, which means we would have more time to figure out better ways or new mineral resources. For example, the government can impose more taxes on petroleum. Moreover, there should be more taxes on cars that consume a lot of gas. People would not consume as much gas as before if price of gas increases highly. All this money should be spend on research for finding new resources that could substitute the mineral resources that are danger of running out.

However, there would be negative effect on controlling the mineral resources. For instance, the factories need those resources for running their machine. When price of resources go up, then price of products would also goes up. That may cause recession or depression of economy. In order to prevent this consequence, the government should construct many dams and use other infinite resources wisely. Otherwise we have use minerals or materials that may be harmful to environment.

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Nuclear energy is very idealistic energy source. It only requires uranium, which is plenty on earth for us to use. However, the problem is that nuclear energy is very danger. By any chance, if nuclear radiation is exposed to environment, that would devastate the population and all the creatures as well. For example, in 186 Chernobyl, Russia, the nuclear plant was exploded and the consequences were horrible. The nuclear radiation affected around a few thousand kilometers and many people were died by cancer, leukemia, and other diseases. Also, rate of abortion and stillbirth increased greatly. Many fruits, vegetable, and animals were exposed to nuclear radiation and this would bring several more million deaths. Even though people are cautious, there is no guarantee that there will be no accidents. In order to prevent this awful accident, we should wait until safer methods of treating these substances, so there would not be any accidents.

If we do not want make efforts for finding new mineral sources, we can just let future generations tackle these problems and we will consume all the mineral resources that are left. However, it would be more expensive and harder for future generations to find out new mineral sources because they would not have anything left. Moreover, our ancestors spend money and efforts to find better and cheaper mineral resources. We should not just receive what they passed on, but also should pass what we can find for our sons and daughters. That would keep prosperity and convenience of human. Our researches especially focus on the new mineral resources that are safer, cheaper and abundant. We would also want to use infinite resources more wisely which would not be running out.

As we see, there many things that we have to decide and work on. These decisions are not easy to make and there would be more positive and negative ways for each decisions. However, the fact that we are running of the mineral resources is certain. And one thing we can do for sure is to spare the mineral resources. That would prolong the exhaustion of mineral resources as well as save our money. It would be better if we can control use of certain mineral resources by moderate limit. More money should be spending on research for safer and cheaper mineral resources to us and environment, so there would not be any awful accidents. Therefore, our future generations can enjoy their life from us as we did from our ancestors.

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