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Neurotransmitters use an electrochemical process to send messages throughout the body. When neurons are not sending a signal they are said to be at rest. When at rest, the inside of the neuron is negatively charged while the outside is positively charged. Though they attempt to balance out, they cannot because only certain ions are allowed to pass through the cell membrane. At rest, potassium ions are allowed to cross through easily, while chloride and sodium ions have a more difficult time crossing. At rest there are more sodium ions outside the neuron and more potassium ions inside the ions, causing the ratio of positive to negative ions inside and outside the cell.

While the resting potential indicates what is happening within the neuron at rest the action potential indicates what happens when the neuron is transmitting information from one cell to another. The action potential is an explosion of electrical activity that is created by a depolarizing current. This is when a stimulus causes the resting potential to move towards zero millivolts, instead of its usual �70 millivolts at rest. When the depolarization reaches its threshold a neuron will fire an action potential. If the neuron does not reach the threshold level, no action potential will occur. This is an all or none response. Action potential is caused by the exchange of ions across the neuron membrane. A stimulus is first needed to open the sodium channels, allowing the positive and negative ions to reach the necessary levels.

Information from one neuron to another flows across a synapse. A synapse is a small gap separating two neurons. A synapse is composed of a presynaptic ending containing neurotransmitters, mitochondria, and cell organelles;a postsynaptic ending containing receptor sites for the neurotransmitters, and a synaptic cleft the space between the presynaptic and postsynaptic endings. For any communication to occur between neurons, an electrical impulse must first travel down an axon to the synaptic terminal. At the presynaptic ending the electrical impulse triggers the vesicles to move toward the presynaptic membrane. The vesicle membrane fuses with the presynaptic membrane and releases neurotransmitters into the synaptic cleft. The neurotransmitters then diffuse across the synaptic cleft and bind with receptor sites on the postsynaptic ending. This influences the electrical response in the postsynaptic neuron, resulting in a change in the cells excitability making the cell fire an action potential. Ultimately, this causes the continuation of the message through the cell.

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