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School Uniforms

Oh my gosh! Look at her shoes. They are just hideous. Why on earth would you wear those? That is just sick. I bet she is just trying to impress everyone.

Have you ever heard that before? I am very sure you have, especially in schools across America. That is one reason why many schools today are questioning school uniforms.

I think school uniforms are a great idea for our school. However, come people think that uniforms will take people’s sense of style and creativeness away. I think that is incorrect because students don’t need to be in school to show style and creativeness. That isn’t what school is for. School is to learn and to get an education.

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School uniforms seem to making a difference in the public schools all over the country. One example would be the Long Beach Unified School District where students are required to wear uniforms. According to district teachers, the uniforms have constructed a better classroom/learning setting by curbing gang tension and the polarization associated with name brand clothing. Research indicates that clothing can create a “halo effect,” whereby a student in uniform is seen as better behaved, a high academic achiever, and someone with academic potential, particularly when they wear a “dress uniform,” i.e., pants or skirt with a blazer (Swartz). I know that at Blackfoot High some kids make a big deal about what colors you wear. Uniforms would really be a big help here.

One good reason for school uniforms is cost savings. The average annual cost of school clothes is considerably less for students enrolled in schools with a uniform program. Fewer articles of clothing are needed, many of which can be recycled due to the consistency of style and fabric(True Grits). Also, you only need a couple of pairs of dressy slacks and a couple shirts and then you can get like three other outfits for on weekends and after school.

The last reason I am going to say why uniforms would be a good idea is that it relieves peer pressure, television, magazines, newspapers and peers no longer dictate the clothing that parents purchase for their children. The struggle to keep up with a friend or fellow classmate who has all of the “right” labels is eliminated. Uniforms allow students to be recognized for whom they are rather than what they wear (True Grits). Peers won’t be able to tell if your uniforms are from Wal-Mart, Dillards, Target, or The Buckle because they won’t have the “designer” labels on them.

Imagine your daughter going to school wearing a cute little red top. She gets to school and a group comes up tormenting her because that “red” is a gang color. They bully her and threaten her until she is scared out of her mind. If she were to be wearing a uniform, none of this would have happened because everyone would be wearing the same thing. Gangs wouldn’t be able to single out their signs into colors.

The gradual problems with school learning, gangs, and peer pressure, proves a much needed need for school uniforms. If Blackfoot High were to have uniforms, everyone would feel much better and comfortable about their clothes. They would be relieved from tormenting, bullying, and teasing. They wouldn’t have to worry about what to wear. It is already simply picked out for them.

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