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This statement of purpose is moreover to be interpreted as an explanation of myself, for the poem on the following page already depicts my need and fervor for art. It is wished to have this essay be read with the sole intention of better understanding a personality, and the values that are held in high esteem. Though it is realized there have been many unforgivable errors made in the past (pertaining to education), one should be able to see the dramatic turn around, and hopefully circumvent the otherwise inevitable.

When given such a broad topic for an essay, one must consider the many routes taken by comparable students. The majority of applicants write about people who have immensely influenced their lives. They may possibly even use traumatic experiences that they have lived through and learned from. These, however, are two foreign themes of this author, having never come across anything or anyone that was or is extremely significant. Aside from sports, ( SOCCER, snowboarding, basketball, etc.) there has yet to be any strong influences, and sport related activities are not going to be pursued after college life. So what is one to choose for a topic when there has been no personal or exterior influences during mental development?

The obvious choice here is to describe the most passionate motivation for wanting to attend this institute, which in this case is obviously art. Now only one hurdle remains; what aspect of the alleged artistic drive can be written about that is particularized yet informative?

Perhaps one might begin with a polite story about ?once, when I was...? or ?when I was little I...?and describe how that is the very moment they became aware of their creativity. On the other hand, it could also become conscious that these topics have become slightly banal. Most artistic adults had artful experiences as children, and most children enjoy artful experiences. So, to avoid being repetitive, this essay will instead relate to irregular circumstances that have made art such a vital part of this life.

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