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“It’s all about getting the edge.” (Verdcucci p.6) The 16 National League MVP, Ken Caminiti, made this statement, and it may be the bases for the recently implemented steroid testing policy in Major League Baseball. Baseball has evolved into a game, which is based on power from both the hitting and defensive standpoint. Some players feel as if steroid use is necessary, while others do not, and several spectators don’t seem to care. The real fans of the actual game of baseball seem to care about steroid usage, and baseball may be changing for the better as a result of this newly implemented testing policy.

According to this new testing policy, players will take one or more unannounced tests during the 00 season. A second round of tests may be implemented in 004 if the 00 results are deemed insignificant. These tests will be based on a 5% policy, which says if more than 5% of the tested athletes test positive, the testing process will occur for two more seasons. As of right now the punishments for those who test positive for steroids are unknown. (Associated Press p.1)

According to the confessions of present and past major league player, some 50% to 85% of baseball players use steroids.

“Anabolic steroids elevate the body’s testosterone level, increasing the muscle mass without changes in diet or activity, though their effect is greatly enhanced in conjunction with proper nutrition and strength training. Studies have shown that the side effects from steroids can include heart and liver damage, persistent endocrine-system imbalance, elevated cholesterol levels, strokes, aggressive behaviors, and the dysfunction of the genitalia.” (Verducci p.)

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So why would anyone want to partake in steroids? “It’s all about getting the edge” (Verducci p.6), and apparently this edge is more important to players than their own health. Often used in conjunction with anabolic steroids is the human growth hormone, or hGH, and this acts as the rebar, or support system, for holding all of the extra muscle mass gained by anabolic steroid use.

Steroids are taken in cycles, which consists of several weeks of use followed by several weeks of nonuse to allow the body ample time to recover. (Verducci p.5) The 16 National League MVP, Caminiti, continued to use steroids throughout the 16 season without stopping. Eventually, Caminiti “wound up injecting twice as much steroids as was considered normal for ballplayers.” Caminiti was the first major league baseball player to admit to using steroids without showing any remorse, but his heavy steroid use had its share of devastating side effects. Sure, he played well enough to earn his only MVP award of his fifteen-year career, but it could not be worth having his testicles shrink and contract into his body. During this time his body had virtually stopped producing testosterone. Once he did quit his steroid use, it took him approximately four long months for his testicles to drop on their own. (Verducci p.1)

Steroids also cause athletes to feel as if they are above the law because of their high social and economic position of being a professional athlete. “Most steroids are banned by the U.S. Government under the Anabolic Steroids Act of 10.” (Rosenthal p.) The only legal way an individual can attain steroids in the United States is through a prescription by a doctor for medical conditions such as AIDS and hypogonadism, which is the body’s inability to produce its own testosterone. Obviously no major league baseball players do not suffer from these disease, so their craving for steroids causes them to break the law.

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