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The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway

For my book log presentation, I chose to read the book The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. This book is considered a classic because of Hemingway’s skill in articulating his story with such expertise and yet without an excessive amount of words. The story is about a group of post- war expatriates who are considered by future generations as the “lost generation.” After WWI, these wandering people try desperately to find a niche in their war-torn world where they can settle down and live out their lives in peace. But this is not to be. They constantly travel form country to country, seeking happiness in worldly things like alcohol, sex, excessive money spending, and much time wasting watching bullfights and lounging on beaches. Even with all these entertaining aspects of the world to occupy them, this generation is truly lost, lacking morals and any sense of self.

I chose to do my presentation with a poster-board again because I felt like I can express myself the best through art. Also, the book has many colorful and rich pictures described in it, and much of its themes can be delightfully represented through pictures. For example, in the book, Hemingway seems to delight in articulating exact and beautiful pictures of sunny dales and bustling Parisian sidewalk cafes with short, sweet, yet expressive words. He even uses real-life Parisian cafes in his story and describes their exact locations in relation to streets and other places. Some critics even say that The Sun Also Rises could be used as a tourist’s guide to Paris. To portray Hemingway’s amazing literary skills, I drew a scene of a little sidewalk caf� in Paris as I visualized it in my head while reading the book.

One main theme in the book is the character’s excessive drinking. The drinking in itself is not altogether vital as a theme, but the fact that the characters are drinking to forget and stew their problems and guilt in a constant state of drunkenness. I illustrated this aspect with sever different wine bottles and a little blue martini. Another important feature of the book is the drastic changes in a woman’s role in society pre-war world and post-war world. After the world war, women’s skirts rose up from the floor to above their knees. They were no longer required to be conservative, and the daring women even smoked in public. The inflexible standard of male dominion was greatly reduced. In this way, the woman’s power in the society was greatly altered. I illustrated this with a moan wearing the latest fashions and smoking. This could also represent the decline in morality in the post-war generation. In the book, the main female character goes about sleeping with whomever she pleases and never attaining true fulfillment or happiness, while the men humor her and are constantly drunk. Hemingway’s passion for bullfighting shows up noticeably in the book �the characters spend weeks gawking over gory bullfights that are described in such detail that only a true lover of bullfighting can appreciate them fully. I’m sure the bullfights have some sort of symbolic meaning in the story, but the best idea that I can come up with is the image of a little bullfighter facing-off against seemingly impossible odds and managing to slip away from a head-on confrontation, just as the characters face heavy moral and societal obstacles and never meet them head on, but merely drink the thought of them away. To show this, I simply drew a bullfighter fighting a bull. I the background of my poster-board is what is supposed to be a train but looks more like a smoking bart. This “train” represents the characters’ constant traveling from one idyllic place to another, seeking solace in noisy festivities and always drinking, lost and astray as they literally search for themselves in a world where nothing has meaning anymore. Their identities were lost in the raging tumult of war and while that war is still on their minds, they will never be able to find peace and truth. I illustrated this with a hovering image of an abandoned battlefield in the background, always haunting their minds and never giving them a moment’s rest.

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