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In the exciting novel, Lord of the Flies, there are many symbols. Some more important and more observed than others. One of these more important and more thoroughly observed symbols is Piggy’s specs. Piggy’s specs are crucial to the boys’ survival on the island because they made the fire that they so badly needed for survival. His specs help in there survival because without the specs to make the fire they wouldn’t have been able to keep warm, cook food, or signal the ship that rescued them. The specs were so important that they argued and fought over who got them. One time Jack’s gang stole them and broke them because they wanted them and needed them so badly. So many people desired them because they are needed to survive on the Island. Lastly, the specs represent many things in the book such as power, leadership, and differences between Jack and Ralph.

Piggy’s specs are used for lighting the fire in the beginning of this novel. This is a huge accomplishment because without the fire the kids would have died a long, long time ago. The fire enabled them to eat, keep warm, and signal planes of boats for rescue. His specs are essential to their survival.

The specs help in their survival because the fire is the main priority on the Island. It cooked the food that the hunters kill. Without cooking the food they can’t eat anything except berries and plants. These things run out and are not as nutritional. The kids need meat to survive. The fire kept the kids warm during the nighttime. At night it gets cold out and the kids could get sick if they are exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures. This would cause the kids to get sick and maybe even die. Also, the fire was used as a signal. The fire signaled the boat that rescued them from the Island. The boat wouldn’t have come to save them if it didn’t see the smoke made by the fire. The fire is an absolute necessity on the Island. The kids would have had no chance of living without the fire.

One time, the specs got broken because Ralph and Jack separated and Jacks gang wanted the spec. Therefore, Jack’s gang tried stealing them in the night from Piggy. They didn’t steal them but the specs were broken. Another time, they ambushed Piggy and stole them from him. Piggy and Ralph tried getting them back but Jack wouldn’t give them up. Jack stole Piggy’s specs because he realized how much they really mean.

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The specs are so desired because they are needed to keep the fire going. If the fire ever went out during the night or any other time, which it often did, the specs would be needed to restart the fire. The kids couldn’t keep watch over the fire all night long. Sometimes the fire went out and they needed the specs to restart it. If the fire ever went out and they didn’t have the specs to restart it, they would surely die.

In this book, the specs represent power because whoever has the specs has the power to make fire, which they needed very much. Also, the specs were highly respected so whoever has them would be considered a high power. This is why Ralph and Jack wanted them. Furthermore, the fire led to differences between Jack and Ralph because Jack wanted to use the fire to destroy things, and for other destructive purposes like burning down the forest, but Ralph wanted it to be a signal so they could be rescued. This is also the backbone of Ralph’s leadership because without the fire they don’t get saved. If Ralph doesn’t have anymore fire to signal ships, no one will follow him because they know they won’t be rescued. This is why jack steals the specs because he knows if he has the specs Ralph won’t have any followers and he could drive Ralph out. He knows he will have more power if he has the specs. That’s why he tries stealing them and then finally does.

In conclusion, the specs are very crucial to survival on the Island because they made the fire that helped them eat, keep warm, and finally get rescued. The specs are so powerful in this book. That is why Jack and Ralph fought over them so much. Both of them knew that whoever had the specs had more power.In the book Lord of the Flies the charecter, Simon, is portrayed as a Christ-figure. He is shown to have all the qualities Christ has intelligence, determination, and resiliance. Simon also is portrayed like Christ physically, he is skinny and not a strong person. Simon was very calm, kind, and he enjoyed being alone when ever he could.

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