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Comparing the similarities and differences between Mosses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed, the three men who where presented in history as spiritual leaders, these great men made a difference in the way humanity worships and lives their lives in a world that has many religions to choose from. Religions that people have gone to take the extra step to have die for the name of a god they believe and worship. I will compare how these three men Mosses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed consider how one is to worship god and what each men considers evil

The Hebrew scripture also known as The New Testament and the Qur’an are scriptures man have written to rely to when they need a sense of closure or relive. These scriptures can be looked as a handbook containing the basic steps every individual must take in order to enter the Holy Land. The scriptures talk about how one is to worship God and what prayers are to be recited in order to see god when they step into Mecca or heaven. Some men have even gone the extra step has to die in the name of God these men consider to be very religious and have the will power to harm any body that does not see things their way.

Jesus Christ, a man who is talked about and very important in the bible, could consider worshiping God as seeing him as the only spiritual guidance any religious man must have to prospered by. The power of prayer is a very effective way Jesus Christ considers important to worshiping God. The prayer should be recited from deep down in the hearth it should be meant and not foul with as explained in the text. (10-07-08) “In your prayer do not babble as the pagan’s do, for they think that using many words they will make themselves be heard.” Jesus Christ would consider evil as all that does not follow the standard way of God and his scriptures. That which is murder, robbery, and adultery is a couple of examples. Examples God considers evil in the Hebrew scriptures.

Moses is a man chosen by God as the man who would deliver the Ten Commandments to the people of Israel, commandments to which every man and women must live their lives. Mosses believes that the way a man must worship God must be by following the Hebrew scriptures and by having a relationship with the divine one any man can prospered. One must always give his prayer time and have no other God before him and one must attend Sunday ritual in the house of the lord. Moses sees evil has every thing which is against the word of God like worshiping another god that’s not God or praying to any other image that’s not God, Also, not following the Ten Commandments.

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Mohammed also known as the last prophet who relies on the Qur’an, which contains work from previous prophets, which includes the Psalm and the Torah of mosses. Mohammed believes that Allah, also known as God, is the way to a great live in Mecca or Heaven. The way to worship Allah is by prayer this prayer must be recited and performed five times a day. Every person must perform this ritual no matter where and in what part of the world they are in. They also perform a fasting that restrains them from food, liquids, and sexual intimacy. They must also perform a pilgrimage to enter Mecca or Haven this are sure ways to worshiping Allah. They consider evil as all those other religions that appose to theirs and are willing to die for the name of Allah.

This are the difference way Mosses, Jesus Christ, and Mohammed consider which way to worship God or Allah by. They also consider most of the same things to be evil and are mainly alike in many ways. They only focus on the same god and have no respect for other cultures and their religions.

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