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A teenage girl sees the skinny fashion models on television, and in magizines. When she sees them, and other thin people, she feels like the biggest person in the world. To make herself look thinner, she decides to puke up her food after she eats it, so she wont gain any weight. By doing this, it doesnt make her body look pretty and thin, but it makes her look sick, and severly hurts her body. Many girls do this for various reasons, thinking their body will look good, but the consequences of it are horrible.

Teens have eating disorders for many reasons. Most of the time it is because they might be a couple of pounds overweight and not at the top of the social list, so others tease them. To make them feel thinner and more popular, they starve themselves or regurgitate their food for a couple of days. By doing this, they loose a lot of weight in a short amount of time, so they keep on doing it until either they cant stop and have to seek professonal help, or until it is too late. In other cases, the girl isnt overweight, and is popular, but she feels larger than her friends. She, like the other girl, doesnt eat, or vomits up her food until she is down to the same size as her friends. But she continues to do this, because in her mind, she can never be too thin. Sure, she thinks she is thin and pretty now, but the outcome of this isnt very pretty.

When a teen has an eating disorder, it doesnt just affect themselves, but it also has a powerful impact on the people around them, such as their family and friends. Parents become worried when their teen begins loosing severe amount of weight. When they ask them if they are starving themselves or regurgitating their food, the victim usally denies it. The best thing the parents can do is to seek professonal help immitiatly.

The consequences of having eating disorders are very severe. When a person induces themselves to vomit up their food, their salivary glands can swell. Eating disorders can cause kidney and liver damage, as well as destruction of teeth, rupture of the esophagus, and loss of muscle mass. Their immune system also gets weakened, making them more suseptable to other diseases and sicknesses. The worst, and most severe consequence is, by far, death.

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Children in todays society need to learn about the long-term effects of eating disorders first hand. Schools should have people who have lived through an eating disorder speak to the students about their unfortunate experience. The speakers should also tell the children about the consequences of eating disorders. This way, the children know about the consequences of it, and will not have a desire to have an eating disorder.

I think, if children are educated about the consequences and risks of eating disorders, such as death, they will stay away from them, and help others to as well.

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