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“Death, be not proud” by John Donne is a poem that personifies Death. As many people grow older, they begin more and more to think about Death and fear its arrival. Donne’s poem, on the other hand, reveals why death should be welcomed, not feared.

The first four lines of the poem are very important. Here is an introduction to the rest of the poem. Donne tells Death not to be proud of itself because it should not be dreadful. Everyone is going to die sometime, which is a fact of life that everyone must understand, but those who are still alive must not concern themselves with it, for they are not dead yet.

The next four lines deal with the death of the body. Most of the time when a person dies, the body just looks as if it were sleeping. Most people deem sleep as something desirable and pleasurable, and in the past, sleep was believed by many to be just a short death which is awakened from. So Donne is saying that Death is almost something that should be anticipated. He then reiterates the fact that all must experience death with “... And soonest our best men with thee do go...,” by saying even the best people will die. Death is simply an act upon the body in which the soul is released. Death is merely the deliverer of souls to Heaven or hell.

Lines nine through twelve expose the truth about death. Death cannot act alone. It is called upon by “fate, chance, kings and desperate men.” The Death that is so often feared is quite often used as a tool, like “poison, war, and sickness.” And why should Death be proud? Man has created “poppy and charms” that create sleep just as good or even better than Death. Should man be afraid of something that he can create and cause at will?

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The last two lines are basically a summary of poem. In the short time it takes to die, death is merely a sleep in which everyone awakes from to live eternally. In death, Death shall die.

In conclusion, Donne’s “Death, be not proud” is an explanation why we should live our lives to the fullest. We cannot live fearing Death because Death is going to deliver us to eternal life, for which we will never die.

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