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The heroic epic poem of Beowulf is set in the world of early medieval Northern Europe. The poem takes place in Sweden and Denmark. The author of Beowulf remains unknown. Beowulf is told in the sixth century A.D. The story passes by word of mouth by skops, which are traveling story teller. They tell the story until it is written down. Beowulf is a Viking warrior and a hero that must help king Hrothgar. Beowulf must travel from the land of the Geates to the land of the Danes. King Hrothgar is in trouble because Grendel, Beowulf’s supernatural enemy, is killing innocent people. Beowulf is finally confronted with Grendel. Beowulf defeats and kills Grendel. In revenge, Grendel Dam, Grendel’s mother, wants to kill Beowulf. Beowulf travels under the water to Grendel’s lair. He is then faced by Grendel Dam where he slays her and has another defeat. Beowulf must go up against another malevolent monster, the dragon. During Beowulf’s battle with the dragon, the dragon makes a fatal wound into Beowulf. Before Beowulf’s life comes to an end he had the chance to stab the dragon causing him to die. Beowulf is a hero at the end of the story and has a royal burial. The battle between good and evil are depicted throughout the heroic epic poem. Beowulf struggles with the conflict, Beowulf Vs Grendel, Beowulf VS Grendel Dam, and Beowulf VS The Dragon.

Grendel is a destructive monster that is killing King Hrothgar’s men. His attack is motivated by his resentment of the joy coming from Heorot hall. Grendel poses a threat to the society of

Heorot. Grendel’s size and strength is used in a sinister way. Beowulf must stop Grendel, so he waits for him to come to Heorot. Grendel goes to the Mead Hall to attack and Beowulf rips his arm off, which will wound him fatally. In pain, Grendel returns to his lair. Gendel is an evil offspring of Cain. He devours the flesh and bones of many Danes. This relates to the thesis because it is showing how evil Grendel truly is. In Grendel’s first attack he kills thirty men. Grendel is opposed to God. Grendel is less powerful than Beowulf in fighting. Once Grendel is griped by Beowulf he realizes that Beowulf is a much stronger warrior. Hygelac, Beowulf’s uncle, expresses his opposition to Beowulf defeating Grendel. I long entreated you in no way to attack Grendel, that bloodthirsty demon, but let the South-Danes on their own settle their score with him (Unknown Monk 14-7). Hygelac is upset at Beowulf because he does not want him to solve everyone else’s problems. Beowulf is known as a hero because of his conquer over Grendel. King Hrothgar and his people are very thankful. He is praised so much because Heorot is the people’s source of joy and harmony.

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Hrothgar is looked at as an ideal leader with wisdom, courage, and strength. Since the king no longer posses the strength he once had, he is in need of Beowulf’s services. King Hrothgar called upon Beowulf so that he would not be seen in any way weak or cowardly. He is incapable in bearing

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