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As I reflect on my high school career, I remember many things. I remember more than sporting events, but also about school and the people there. Throughout these last four years I have accomplished many things academically and physically. I have learned about who I am and what I can do. Even today I am still learning many things and growing in ways I never thought possible.

As I approach the end of my high school career, I remember things I have done in sports. The first sport of my high school career was cross-country. The only reason I started to run cross-country was to make Mr. Durbin, the coach, happy. I agreed to run, mainly because he called me almost every day during the summer asking me if I was going to run cross-country. I had a good year, and I was also on varsity the whole year. Running on varsity is usually uncommon for a freshman. However, I never realized that I was on my way to becoming a great cross-country runner.

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In the winter, I decided to wrestle. However, I was not exactly on varsity. I wrestled almost the entire season on junior varsity. Yet, I wrestled a few varsity matches and was able to receive a varsity letter.

Finally, in the spring, came Track and Field. Track is a sport that I really enjoy. I knew I was going to be on varsity, because I was the only person on the team that could pole vault. I did really well that season, but I had a lot to learn. Ben Warner and I watched in amazement as other vaulters jumped high. That year, my best jump ended up being 11 feet. From that moment on, I knew that I was going to be good.

Academically I was also doing very well. During the first semester I worked hard and got a 4.0 grade point average. Then, for the second semester, I got a .857 grade point average. Now, because I was a freshman, I did not qualify for certain awards. Yet, I did get a perfect attendance award. Furthermore, I knew that I would be getting many more in the future.

After a long summer, it was time for school to start again. I was now a sophomore, and I had no idea of the things I would accomplish. When the cross-country season started, I was ready for a good year. I was running very well. I ran under 18 minutes, which is a big milestone for many runners. This cross-country season was really great. I ran fast and earned many medals. When the season was ending and when the LCAA meet was approaching, I decided I wanted a first team All-LCAA patch. So, I went out and was in the top seven at the LCAA meet. This was the first patch I earned, and definitely not the last. At the end of the season, I knew the rest of the year was going to be good.

Now it was time for wrestling again. This time I had a spot on varsity all to myself. I wrestled at the 11-pound weight class. Coach Marry expected many good things from me, and that is what I gave him. This year I was a vital part of the team’s success. The team needed my to win, so I did just that. I won a few tournaments including the LCAA meet, and the District meet. Again, I got a first team All-LCAA patch for winning the individual LCAA meet. After winning Districts, I took second at Regional and qualified for the State meet. Going to the State meet was a crowning achievement for me. However, being inexperienced cost me matches I should have won. As a result, I was out in the third round. Yet, qualifying for the State meet opened the door to bigger and better things.

Finally, came Track and I was excited to get going. This year, I received a new pole because I had outgrown the old one. This season went well, but not as well as what I had hoped. I wanted to jump at least 1 feet, but I settled for 11 feet 6 inches. That was not what made that season special. What made this season special was the Regional meet. Even though I did not qualify for State, I got a medal. In pole vault, the give medals to the top six places. I was tied for sixth place with for other vaulters. However, because I had fewer missed attempts, I received the medal for sixth place. I was really happy about this season, and I had high hopes for my junior year.

On the academic side, I also did very well. However, I did not do as well as last year. I received a .714 grade point average for both semesters. What I did not realize was that I was in the top 10 of my class. This year I received many awards. I received Scholar-Athlete awards in cross-country, wrestling and track. I received the Most Improved Player plaque and Sportsmanship award in wrestling. I also received a perfect attendance awards and a Student of the Month award.

It was now my junior year. This was the greatest year for me, up to this point. Cross-country was the first sport of the year. With the team we had, everyone had high hopes for us. We won the first jamboree, and this paved the road for the rest of the season. During the season our team won many meets and brought home many trophies. However, the LCAA trophy was the trophy we were aiming for. Being almost uncontested, our team won the LCAA outright. This was the first time Hudson has won the LCAA outright since 14. We were all very happy and knew we were going to be awesome next year. But that was not the best part of the season. Finally came the Regional meet. I was determined to make it to the State meet. So I did. I came in 1th place and qualified for the State meet. At the State meet, there was a ton of runners. I guess I was nervous and did will but took 16th place. However, I received an Academic All-State award because of my high grade point average, and finishing in the top half at the state meet.

Now it was time for wrestling. Once again, I had a spot on varsity. This year I wrestled at the 11 pound weight class. This year I was more experienced and I was going for a goal. My goal was to make it to the State meet. I found myself in the finals of tournaments more often. Once again, I won the LCAA meet at 11 pounds. I also won the Lenawee County tournament and Districts. However, this year our team made it to Team Finals. I won my match, however our team did win. It was a disappointing loss, but we were happy. Once again, I qualified for the State meet. However, I was more aware of what to expect. I won three matches and lost two. However, I ended up in seventh place and with my first State medal!

Finally, it was time for Track again. This was by far my favorite sport. This year I had high expectations for myself. However, I could not seem to get over 11 feet 6 inches. Then we got a pole vault coach. He convinced Mr. Durbin to get me a new pole. Until then I was winning a few meets and medalling at almost every invitational. Then, I got the new pole. However, I did not get the pole in time for the Regional meet. I had a bittersweet sixth place at the Regional meet. I did get to use the pole in the LCAA meet and the Lenawee County meet. First, it was the LCAA meet. At the LCAA meet I did really well. I jumped under the lights and set a personal record at 1 feet. I ended up third, but I was happy with how I did. Finally, it was the Lenawee County meet. I started off poorly, but recovered before it was too late. I ended up in first place and that was at 1 feet. However, I felt good and decided to keep jumping. I successfully made 1 feet 6 inches, a new personal record. I then tried at 1 feet. My first attempt was very close, but I missed. The next two were not even close. Overall I had a really good junior year.

Academically I also did very well. The first semester I got a 4.0 grade point average and a .857 for the second semester. I also received scholar athlete awards in cross-country, wrestling, and track. I also received many awards other awards. I received a Perfect attendance award, an Academic Honors award, and many other awards. Now, I am in the Top 5 of my class.

In conclusion, I have reflected over these last years and have realized that it has gone by fast. I realized that with every day, I am getting closer to graduation. With these last months approaching, I need to make the best of school and of the sports I am in. I am very glad with the way everything has gone and I have no regrets. I am sad to leave; yet I am glad to start a new life.

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