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A play is a form of literature that is meant to be performed by actors, whether on stage, in the television studio, or on the film set. Educating Rita, written by Willy Russell, deals with his two-handed play, a wry, witty, look at social class and socialization in the north of England. The play is set in the time that it was written, in 185. The general idea that the writers intended to achieve through writing the play is to give a good background and understanding of the play, and to provide a solid platform and ideas for further study.

I think that Russell¡¦s real strength in characters department is subtle, and idiosyncratic characterization. Russell gives his characters a depth through imbuing them with quirky half hidden characteristic. Russell¡¦s characterization of Rita and Frank is convincingly realistic ¡V the two characters remain complex and multifaceted, they are not always transparent, nor predictable. Rita is loud and brash, yet also sensitive. Frank is jaded and cynical, but at times sincere and sentimental. Both characters display maturity and childishness. In terms of character development, Rita is a dynamic character who changes in the course of the play, while on the other hand; Frank is a static character who remains fairly unchanged.

For example, in scene , the character of Rita and Frank are totally contrast, there are angry, blur, shock, happy and boring,

Frank ¡KIt¡¦s your essay. Is it a joke? Is it? „² Shows angry and shock.

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Rita ¡KNo, it¡¦s not a joke. „² Blur

Q Act 1 Scene

Russell¡¦s try to make things complicated when he adds up minor character in the play, which is Denny, Rita¡¦s husband, and Julia, his x-student. The play is also a fable; the characters represent their respective ness classes in their mindsets ¡V dependent on, yet in opposition to each other. In this sense, Russell¡¦s retells the story that is as old as the modern age.

One of the main themes in the play is on personal relationship. Frank falls in love with people without realizing.

¡§¡Kof their feelings, thoughts, or what others think about them¡K.¡¨

Q Act 1 Scene

The play focuses on the way that Rita and Frank influence each other.

For the script writing, Frank and Rita¡¦s dialogue is realistic, not only in their accents, but also in tone, and in terms on content. Their conversations mimic reality meandering, rather than moving methodically. The unity of place also contributes to the naturalist feel.

In language and style, Rita speaks colloquially, and has a working accent though for a short while in Act Scene , she attempts to change it and talk properly.

Frank ¡KWhat¡¦s wrong with your voice?

Rita ¡KNothing is wrong with it, Frank. I have merely decided to talk properly¡K.

Q Act Scene

Frank in contrast, speaks in Standard English. Rita crudeness and crass language are also signs of ¡¥uncultured¡¦ working class socialization.

The costumes that can be uses are in early 80¡¦s. It is the Victorian styles, flowery and colourful dress, coats, etc. For the make up, it can be used a light blusher on Rita¡¦s face, and dark colour of lipsticks. Rita has a blond and short hair. For Frank, it just a little bit touches up on his face, and he can wear a coat suit, with the long sleeves shirt, and a necktie. Frank has a short brown hair and a pair of sad eyes. So, the eyes part should be make up assumes like a pair of sad eyes.

The lighting that can be used is spotlights, shadows colour and fade in and out lighting. It can make the play looks more lively and interesting. The props that can be used are; the bookshelves, the place where Frank keeps all his book and hide his wine, a telephone on his desk, windows, in his office, desk and swivel chair, nude religious picture, plant and flowers, and a hook. The backdrop that can be used is the improper office scenery. The movement of the play is depends on the mood of the character and mostly it is slow and steady. The sound effects and sentimental music also can be included.

In this play, it does shows foreshadowing, which is the hints that there will be a tragedy. When the husband saw him taking the pills, he had given her a warning. From here, we knew that something bad is going to happen if she denies.

¡§I got home, he packed me case. He said either I stop comin¡¦ here an¡¦ come off the pill or I could get out altogether.

Q Act 1 Scene 8

For the elements of drama, while there are elements of romantic comedy, there is no romance as the romantic potential of their relationship fizzles out. One gets the sense that Russell is playing with us, leading us to believe that something will develop between them, but their friendship actually deteriorates as Rita becomes more confident and Frank becomes jealous of this.

Traditionally, comedies do not end in death but Russell successfully blends both comedy and tragedy. Which is in the end, Julia finally giving him the boot when Frank is dispatched to Australia and finally Rita changes to be an educated and extravert woman.

ed. rita text book

collins cobuild dictionary

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