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One can just picture it a summer day walking down 18th Avenue in Brooklyn and all the so-called tough Italian guys are standing in front of the cafes, smoking their cigars. They wear their velour jump suites with a white wife-beater, Nike sneakers and big long gold chains across their necks; dark gelled-back hair and muscular bodies with occasional tattoos. One might ask what are they doing? Well, they spend their whole day just staring at the people passing by. Expecting people to know them and approach them by saying Ciao, How youu Doing?? or Whats a matter with you! This is a typical Guido. This term, is usually applied to Italian- Americans, who feel that they are fulfilling their Italian heritage. Most of the time, Guidos drive around in their Mercedeces Benz or BMWs with their techno or Italian pop music blasting, thinking they own the world; when they approach a girl, they do their typical whistle followed by an expression like Mama, quanto sei bella, (meaning wow, you are so beautiful) or Beautiful, can I get your number?

The unfortunate thing about calling someone a Guido or using any other stereotype is that people tend to apply it to the whole culture, not realizing that the majority of people fail to obey that stereotype given. The media in particular takes advantage of this fault and tends to use these stereotypes, like a Guido, for their own benefit by producing television shows, radio shows, commercials, etc. A good example is the television series The Sopranos, where Guidos are tough Italian mafia guys; who cant even speak Italian. People watch The Sopranos to find pleasure and to get a sense of understanding of Italians but television shows like this fail to portray the common Italian citizen. People do not realize the harm that this show is causing to the Italian heritage and to the Italians. It is horrible when people know you are Italian and automatically say Oh, youre a Soprano; thinking that all Italians are part of the mafia and that all Italian males cheat on their wives while they stay home and cook.It makes me really mad and uncomfortable because I know it is only a small minority of Italians who live their lives like The Sopranos. The ironic part is that % of these people, Guidos, live in the United States. What truly hurts is when the mayor wants to invite the cast of The Sopranos as guests of honors to the Columbus Day parade because this is an insult towards Italians and it shows how little he knows about Italians.

It is ironic to say that The Sopranos are like Christopher Columbus. Instead, when Italians think of a true Italian, not a Guido, they think of people like Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Amerigo Vespucci, Guglielmo Marconi, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc, who brought joy and honor to the Italian heritage all around the world; thanks to their success. This is the reason why many people fail to understand why Guidos need to portray Italian people the way they do! Because when going to Italy there is not one Italian guy who dresses and acts like a Guido. Whats so ironic is that Italians recognize a typical Guido as an American because of how they are dressed and the amount of jewelry that they are wearing.

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