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In Life there are lessons to be learnt and the sooner they’re learnt the better you understand yourself. That’s what life is about, the challenge of decrypting your character. Without knowing yourself you are destined to hell on earth, at the same time knowing yourself doesn’t guarantee you heaven on earth.

Acceptance of your character and the life you will have to lead, based on this character, will certainly be painful, but it is essential, essential because this “acceptance of character” will prevent you from dreaming of that which you may never have.

I now know who I am. Based on who I am, I know the life I will have to lead and, of course, the dreams I may not dream. Who am I…? I am Me. I am very faint-hearted, I am extreme, I am intense, and I am excessively passionate about everything. I love completely or I don’t love at all, I am a perfectionist, I am a control-freak, I believe in reality, I fear failure and ultimately I am me.

What life do I have to live? Well, based on me being faint-hearted, extreme, intense and excessively passionate, I cannot be a lover or have one. I get too committed, I eventually love “too much” and do everything in my power to make her happy and I get jealous of those who do a better job without trying so hard. This jealousy leads to heartbreak; nobody wants, needs or even deserves a lover possessed by the green-eyed monster. Being faint-hearted the heartbreak kills me, it is the equivalent of burying a loved one, it’s agonizing. I am destined to be a single-forever, work-centered individual with no option but to find consolation in my work and in the height of my production levels within the vast and ever-expanding corporate universe. Being a perfectionist, being intense, being passionate about everything I do and being a control-freak will have a detrimental affect on my health. But that’s something I have to live with.

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Sadly, there are two things in life I may never have, that is, the love of my life and good health. This is something I have to accept, and accept it I have.

Many speak of change yet fail to understand that one can only change with the opportunity to do so. Someday, I may be given that opportunity but I will not bank on it or even dream of it.

Painting a picture of myself, I see an individual at a petrol station, wiping the black and silver helmet of a matching motor-bike, late one evening, preparing to go home after another late night at the office, with my laptop in my backpack. A long never-ending road lie ahead, let me begin my endless journey.

Only the good die young

The better live longer, to make a positive impact

The best live forever in the hearts and minds of many people

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