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The Street Lawyer

John Grisham

Everything and nothing. Away from the city, I could look back for the first time and try to make sense of it all. Thirty-two days earlier I had been married to someone else, living in a different appartment, working in a different firm, a complete stranger to the woman I was now holding. How could life change so drastically in a month?

I didnt dare think of the future; the past was still happening.

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1. Who is speaking or what is being described?

The main character, Michael Brock, is thinking to himself about how much his life has changed over the last month.

. How do these sentences relate to the plot?

These sentences relate to the plot because Michael Brocks life is so much different at the end of the book than it was at the beginning. At the beginning he worked for a huge law firm, Drake and Sweeney, he had a wife who was becoming one of the best female surgeons, and would soon be making hundreds of thousands a year, he drove a very nice expensive car, and he was making tons of money and was just a few years away from becoming a partner and making millions. Now, at the end of the book, he works for a lawfirm that works for free and is paid very little from a trust fund they have, he drives a really cheap car, and his wife divorced him.

. Why does the author end the book at this point.

At this point in the book, he just got done sueing his old lawfirm for millions of dollars, which mostly donated to the poor or put in the fund for his new lawfirm. The whole book lead up to this point, he sued them for a illegal eviction that lead to the deaths of 5 homeless people, and left about 15 more on the streets. The story was over, his divorce was final, he was now a regular lawyer at his new firm, and he finally sued his firm. Now he was on a vacation with his new girlfriend and everything had been solved.

4. What do you think happens after the book?

After the book, I think michael ends up marrying his new girlfriend Megan, and somehow they end up working together helping the homeless, and start a family. There is really not much more to say, everyone who was a part of his life before was now part of his past, except the people at his new firm, and there wasnt anything changing in any of their lives that can be predicted.

5. Were you satisfied with the ending?

For the last half of the book where he was getting all his evidence and finding a way to sue his Drake and Sweeney, it appeared to me that he would somehow end up sueing for alot more than he did. I think the total that he ended sueing for was $ million up front, and then another $ million to be paid over the next ten years. There were estimates that he could sue for atleast $10 million, and some people were saying the sky was the limit. All this made me think that he would do something remarkable and put the firm out of business or something like that. When I read that they settled on the $6 million I was kind of disapointed. Then the leader of the firm came to his new office and told michael how bad he fealt about the whole situation and wanted to help by having his firm spend time working for the homeless. This was kind of interesting, but it wasnt the big record setting sue I was expecting.

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