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Two very similar characters from The Iliad are Achilles and Hector. Although these two men are enemies, they have many things in common. These great warriors were the best in their armies. While Achilles fought on the side of the greeks, Hector was a leader of the Trojans.

Both Achilles and Hector have gods fighting on their sides and protecting them When fighting Hector to avenge his best friend?s death, Achilles says, ?Now there is no way out. Pallas Athena will have the upper hand of you.? Here Achilles is threatening Hector that the goddess of wisdom, who favors the Greeks, will triampuh and he will win the battle. Apollo was the god who protected the rest of the Trojans, hading them inside the walls of their city.

The warriors are both murderers, though in the story Patroclus, killed by Hector, was killed during a battle as an act of warfare so the Trojans would win. Achilles kills Hector seeking revenge for his best friend?s death. ?Patroclus, comrade in arms, whom I held dear above all others - dear as myself ? now gone, lost; Hector cut him down, despoiled him of my own arms, massive and fine, a wonder in all men?s eyes.? This quote shows how much Achilles cared for Patroclus and that his crime against Hector was a crime of passion, not pride and greed.

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When Achilles kills Hector he strings up his body and drags it around to show it off like a trophy. ?Behind both feet he pierced the tendons, heel to ankle. Rawhide cords he drew through both and lashed them to his chariot, letting the man?s head trail. Stepping aboard, bearing the great trophy of arms, he shook the reigns; and whipped the team ahead into a willing run. A dust cloud rose above the furrowing body; the dark tresses flowed behind, and the head so princely once lay back in dust.? When patroclus was killed he was immediately given back to the Greeks, but Hector?s father, a king, had to humbly beg Achilles to give him his son?s body back. This shows that Hector was more caring without expressing violence.

Altogether the two men were good men in their days. They were both passionate about protecting their country

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