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Goal theory means pursing a goal and each goal is associated with a behavior and a belief. The way we react in our everyday lives depends on the goals we set for our future. In my research I have found that there are two types of goals, it is mastery and performance. The mastery-oriented person wants to increase their knowledge and competence and are intrinsically motivated, by pride and satisfaction that comes from success due to their effort. People who exhibit performance goals are interested in showing their ability. Your goal in life will vary according your individual circumstance. They believe that ability is the cause of success and failure. Having goals will motivate individuals to different levels of success. In other words we have to be motivate in order to reach our goals in life. At Bellsouth where I work to achieve our sales goals the team leaders create methods to motivate their members.

The team I am on head by a very innovative person first thought of the idea of finding a name for the team, he discovered a team that will represent the strength and will power that we can do it. He names the team the rhinos. He stated that the reason he gave our team that name is because with rhinoceros anything that gets in its way it will conquer it. So this is to show that we have the power to excel and be all we want to be. Then he also came up with the idea of writing down what we could do with $1000 extra on our checks monthly this was one of the strongest motivational factors that influenced our team to exceed so well. He also makes sure that we are keep well informed of different strategies to help us reach our goal. The idea was to have a goal and work towards it, and to help us achieve it he had to come with some extrinsic factor that would motivate us to go above and beyond what is required of us. So far his team has been the #1 team in our unit.

As an office because of the high sales pressure we experience everyday they and the office is so large they often times struggle with finding ideas to keep us motivated. In an office such as this most people tend to strive on extrinsic motivations. We like to be commended to the good work we do even when it not that good. We like to get thing or rewards for coming up with ideas. We want to get pay but not give our best to the task at hand. So in order for us to be the best as an office we had to come up with something. The idea that we used was to develop an on line store with different items and we had to sell to earn points then you can go shopping. This idea has been going on for the past two years and has been very successful. This way everyone can participate and be motivated to do well. Also we try to do different activities to cater for everyone’s culture since we are such a diverse office.

In conclusion, some people get motivated from within while other needs outside forces to get motivated. However as long as your goal is achieved is does not matter whether you intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated. The key is to be happy with yourself and be all you can be.

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