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It is the April holidays in the year 1.After our New year we decided to go on a trip to Singha Raja forest. We decided to stay two days in the forest. My father booked a room for four peoples and in the morning at six a clock we started our journey.

Singha Raja is the seventh best forest in the world. There are about five hundred birds and many different animals. At 1 a clock we reached the Singha Raja forest. I was very happy. After five minuets we came to Singha Raja forest. I saw lot of green trees around us and the trees were very big too. First of all we went to our room and took a wash and had our lunch.There was about a few hours left for the darkness. So we decided to visit a beautiful waterfall near the forest.

It was very difficult to walk because there were lot of mountains and lechers. Only one lecher attack me. After a giving big fight at last we came to near the water fall. It was actually a small water fall but it was a very nice one. There were lot of trees around the water fall. The water waves were very strong so we didn’t go to the water. We enjoyed very much looking at the beautiful waterfall. We coulden stay a long time becouse it was getting late. So we came back to our room.


Next day we decided to look fore some special inherited animals and other kinds of plants. After having our breakfast we went with a guide to visit other inherited things of Singha Raja forest. I saw many lot of different flowers animals and trees. There was a small museum in the middle of that forest. So we visited that too. There were many different snakes putting in the formulean. And also I saw skeletons of many birds too. After having a rest we went to see a giant tree. It was not easy to walk in these mountains. But at last we reached the giant tree. It was the biggest tree I ever seen. The Singha Raja forest is nine thou send hectares. Some people called THE KINGDOM OF THE LION. I saw the bandura plant.It’s a special inherited plant in Singha Raja forest.

We enjoyed very much looking at the forest and we were very tired too. And we decided to pack our things and go back to our home. I was very happy too. So, then we went to the room and pack our things and came back our home. I was very happy and this is an Interesting place I have visited.

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