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Nike uses a global and hybrid approach to worldwide advertising. With this method they are able to present a consistent brand image and message throughout all regions. They do however, allow for some regionalization of the advertising to appeal to the local people and culture as well as have differences within their overall advertising to attract different market segments. With this global strategy to advertising and brand management they are able to reach consistency, they also must deal with problems on the world stage.

Nike has a very large advertising budget. According to a review of advertising spending by Adweek, Nike led their category for spending. Nike is a world-recognized brand, with most people recognizing the Nike swoosh. They manage the global brand with similar advertising around the world and with common themes such as “Just do it!” and “Play”. They seek visuals that translate across cultures and language. With simple tag lines like “Play” their message is easily translated with little variation across language. All people understand play and can remember the joy of play as children. “Just do it” is similar although perhaps slightly more complex. It can, however, be translated simply without much being lost in the translation.

The visuals too are easy to understand regardless of culture. Recent commercials have a crazy chicken chasing a man. The man, due to his superior Nike shoes is able to escape the chicken. The voiceover in all languages talks about how no one, except for this person, can escape the chicken. Other recent commercials show people able to run and jump similar to a superhero � of course, due to their shoes. These visuals are able to create interest in the shoes and make people want to perform like those in the ads.

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Another common visual for the Nike commercials is the sports icon. They will use people � generally men � that have a large base of recognition. Similar to the “be like Mike” campaign using Michael Jordan, Nike has used and currently uses US football stars like Donovan McNabb and golf pros like Tiger Woods for their golf line. For sports starts like Tiger Woods that have worldwide recognition, they will use them throughout many regions. This is, however, one area that Nike will regionalize for local impact and acceptance. An example of this is creating shoes specific for the world-renowned soccer star Ronaldo to use in the World Cup. Although Nike was not a sponsor of the World Cup, they received a lot of recognition and people often thought it was a sponsor due to their advertising.

The use of a sports hero has worked well for men’s products propelling Nike to their current position. As Nike wants to expand to women’s products, they are evaluating this strategy as they have discovered it works less with women. They are redefining the message for the female audience using common themes and visuals like normal women doing extraordinary things. Thus, within a region, they will not have two different messages but they will present those messages differently to fit the audience.

As a global brand, Nike does face some issues. With consistency of image, they also deal with an issue that can tarnish the brand on a world stage. For example, Nike received bad press for using sweatshops in Indonesia to manufacture the shoes. Articles and outrage showed up in many countries around the world creating the need for a global response to the issue.

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