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Painting might appear to some people to be easy to accomplish, but in reality there are many facets to reaching a well rounded and well designed one. Some of the factors that influence the outcome of a painting are technique, vision and nature. All of these are intertwined to bring together all the components so they are seen as one. This wholeness brings out life in the painting and embeds spirit in its surroundings. Painting of an object is the type of art that cannot develop all by itself without taking into consideration the surroundings that constitute its environment.

When an artist decides on a particular painting, he or she ought to have imagined it first. When this basic imagination is in place, the role of the technique in the painting comes into play. Painting techniques can be taught and mastered as skills. Different aspects of the painting such as color and form come together as one and show continuation and consistency from one layer to another. Having the talent to master the painting techniques sets the stage to a defined direction of the painting objective. Techniques allow the artist to mask the inconsistencies that could and might appear in a painting. Mastering the necessary technique provide the artist with the ability to make his or her painting as integrated as possible with the help of the artist’s vision. This vision can help the artist to stay focused on the original idea for the painting.

In order to make something standout in a painting, the painter must have the knowledge and the vision to accomplish that. People certainly learn differently from their experiences in life. Having the knowledge to reflect and view things from different angle is part of having the vision, experience and maturity. Knowledge on the other hand is an accumulation of lessons and experiences taught throughout one’s life. Painters should reflect their knowledge and past experiences in life through their paintings. The desire to paint should be initiated from inside.

The integration that exists between all living things and nature could only be experienced by allowing oneself to follow his or her instinct. Traveling down the Mississippi River was a great way, in my opinion, to get in touch with nature and with the creative spirit. The solitude, the current of the river, the wind, the gigantic mountains, the big forest, the vast skies and the quietness, all of these combined had somehow reached inside among the travelers and invoked the human spiritual side. One could only imagine how this mighty vast open nature could exist without any force behind it.

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Painting and music are two types of art. Yet, one could only say that they have some commonalities. For instant, devotion, determination and aim to excellence are some that artists share. I do think that Aso will agree partially with Thomas who wrote “the artistic process is complex and arduous”. In both fields of art music and art painting, artists are faced with a blank piece of paper where they have to express their talents. It is almost always difficult to search and find new ideas. The difference between an artist and non-artist person is the knowledge, vision and experience that an artist possesses and helps her or him turn that idea into a beautiful piece to hear or see. The difficult part is to brainstorm your ideas and piece them together to come up with a unified and complete creation. It is true that it can be time consuming, difficult and full of hardship, but the rewards can be enormous with great feelings of accomplishment after all that went into it.

In the “Dream Assembly” Rebbi Zalman is a very smart and respectful man. He successfully got his idea across Hasidim group. When he realized that there was disagreement between the members of the group he ceased the opportunity to unify them again. The shared responsibilities to construct the dove were dependent of each other well completed work, which was a must. Because of the difficult tasks to construct a perfect dove “Great harmony is required” for each one of them. Bringing all elements together plays the key role that is shared among “The dream assembly”, painting, composing a piece and music, or writing a story.

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