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Play- Fiddler on the Roof

I went on vacation with my parents-in-law and was privileged to see Fiddler on the Roof in a playhouse. It was the best play I have ever seen. I loved the characters, and I bonded more with Tevya than any one else, because of his desire to have not only traditions kept, but also to have the best for his daughters. To keep his family close he sacrificed some of his traditions, even though his traditions were important to him. He has an understandable desire for his daughters to be more than he is.

The plot is centered around a town that has kept itself secluded from the “main stream” and has many traditions. These traditions make the town it what it is. The plot not only includes the town but Tevya’s family as the plot makes its turns and twists. The town, which has a large Jewish population, is about to be torn in half. And in the end, after the Jewish population is kicked out, the town ceases to exist. This comes through a series of discovery moments and tensions are high. One crucial discovery moment of the play was when Tevya discovered that those whom he trusted, his non-Jewish friends, had banned together against the Jewish population. With the impending expulsion of the Jews we also are connected to a family. Tevya’s family and the choices they make foreshadow not only family events but events that are happening in the town as well. When one of Tevya’s daughters marries a non-Jewish man, Tevya refuses to accept him. But as things move along, he is prompted to react by his loving wife, who tries to help him see that good can come out of seemingly bad choices. Tevya, who wants the best for his family, is forced to watch as his daughters make their own choices. He wants them to follow the traditions of their religion, but is forced to accept or lose his daughters. And sometimes he must accept that his traditions will be left behind for what his daughters want. In watching his daughters make their choices, it is opening Tevya’s eyes to the change happening around him, not only inside his family, but also in his little town.

The thought of the play takes us through Tevyas mind and actions, and, specifically, him finding out what is happening not only in his life, but also his daughters’ lives. As the audience watches these things it shows that change is happening in everything, and that traditions will help hold his family together, if he accepts some change to them. Tevya is forced to think and react to the situations presented him. He must also help the town keep calm too.

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The diction of the play is trying to set us in Russia, with their upheaval of control and the maltreatment of the Jews at that time. The play is centered around the Jewish population. Those not of the Jewish faith speak in a Russian accent so as to keep them separate. This also helps to try and put the audience in the play. The traditions are explained simply and the thoughts are shown to us in rich details. We see the play moving smoothly along its windy course through the way the characters talk. Through their dialogue we see the hope and dreams they hold onto. The old style of speaking and wording brings the audience to a different place and time. The music is a very important part of the diction of this play. I love the song “If I were a rich man,” in which it talks about having more money for show, so that you could not only have a little self-gratification, but also have a way to provide more for your family. The way the music linked us to the characters helped show us their thoughts, and why they would react to certain things the way they did.

I liked the play. It was neat to see these things in action. I was captured by not only the way the play was performed, but also the way it presented its ideas. As a father I can see wanting more for your own family, and of the big heart that Tevya has.

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