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Lord of the Flies- Character Analysis (based on the first chapter)

Ralph- after surviving what seems to be a plane crash, Ralph is the first character spotted on the scene. Surprisingly, without any sign of injury, Ralph trudges through the deep jungle and comes across another survivor of the crash. The two of them soon become aware of their surroundings as a deserted, tropical, island paradise and the adults are nowhere to be found. Ralph, the 1-year-old, fair-haired protagonist of the story is excited by this and decides to take a swim. Some would defend this by saying he is only a child but there is no excuse for his actions. Others on the plane could have been injured, but Ralph cannot think of anything but playing and his dad coming to rescue him. Sure he eventually calls all survivors assuming everyone could hear it and could bring themselves to a meeting, but only when he became bored and had a tool to call with. Then, when specifically told not to, Ralph blurts out the name “Piggy!” to members of the meeting. According to the first chapter, he is a hurtful, self-centered, inconsiderate, take charge kind of guy.

Piggy- the second character on the scene that survives the plane crash along with Ralph. Piggy gives the impression of a slow witted, whiny boy maybe a bit younger than the Protagonist and seems to have the opposite mind set of Ralph in the sense that he is shy, dependent on an authority figure, and concerned with the whereabouts of the others on the plane. Piggy’s place on the island, decided by Ralph, is too shut-up and takes care of the little ones. This hurts piggy, but being the follower he is, Piggy agrees and does as he’s told.

Jack Merridew- Jack is one of the older boys on the island and leader of the choir called to the meeting. It is thought that Jack will take charge of the group but a vote decides that the people want Ralph as their leader. Jack then assumes the position as a hunter along with his choir. Jack shows interest in his new role but shows that he isn’t the bloodthirsty, carnivorous boy we thought he was when he lets a pig get away when he could have easily slit it’s throat. Other than this, much of his personality is concealed in this chapter.

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There is no certain way to determine the most “natural” child because each of them has some aspect of basic child instincts in their personality. Ralph, like a child has the need to frolic around, is amused with reversed images (standing on head) and is a popularity/attention seeker. Piggy seems a bit slow minded and therefore is childish in speech. He also is dependent on an authority figure and clings to Ralph when he cannot find any adults. Jack takes a liking to his position as hunter and is childish in that he enjoys destruction and taking of a life, the basic instinct and method of amusement for children. He also refuses to help build (create) shelter (ch. ). So, in conclusion, it is inconclusive as to who is the most “natural” child according to the first chapter.

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