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Sociology turned out to be a very interesting subject. Before hand, I assumed that sociology would be similar to psychology. But, it turns out that, the two subjects are completely different from each other. Sociology covers various subjects that shape societies. There are many essential elements that play a key role in shaping societies.

First of all, socialization is a life long process of interaction with people. This process immediately starts at birth. Family is your first socialization agent and the most powerful agent. Family will be there from day one, until the day you become a mature adult and leave the household. The beliefs and values you have start in the family. These beliefs and values are slowly embedded in your mind, which in this case becomes second nature to you. Your family teaches you, your basic skills, from eating with a fork and spoon, going to the bathroom correctly and even tying your shoe laces. It’s pretty amazing when you think about all the things you have been taught by your family.

Secondly, another agent of socialization is school. After, age five you are already off to school for numerous of years. Attending school has an enormous affect on socialization. You are introduced to others you don’t know which, allows you to adapt and interact with others in your new environment. Socializing is a very powerful tool that will help you become more effective in your years to come. School also teaches

student education because we don’t want to have an ignorant society. School also teaches individuals to be quiet, to be on time, do homework, and follow directions. This procedure sounds like work. School is also teaching children work ethics.

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Thirdly, peer groups and mass media are the other agents of socialization. Peer groups are people who share common interests, opinions, and ideas that will be shared throughout your peers. Mass media has recently expanded through technology. Mass media includes various tools such as, radios, televisions, newspapers and the Internet. These tools provide a way to get an array of messages across the country. Many people in America use these types of devices very day.

In addition, it is important to understand how we as a society form opinions and function. By knowing this we can have a better understanding of what is going on in today’s world, why things occur and the reason behind it. By knowing these things it will improve are way of life for generations to come.

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