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Year 1 Senior English Task � Biographical Narrative

Grandpa The Gentle Giant of My Childhood

Grandpa is a conservative and traditional person. He exists in a typical working class world, still using methods of the past to keep him on top of his tough workload. An example of this sense of tradition is,

“Pile of manure was regarded as lowering the tone of an increasingly prissy neighbourhood.” This shows that he is working class and very much indulged in working the way that his ancestors worked all those years ago. It also means that he and his work are an impression of disgust and it’s as if his work degrades the rest of the community, where as traditional methods to him are like what he’s been used to all along. Another example of this is,

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“A simple plough, not a jot different from the implement used to turn the earth for millennia.” This shows that his masters of work haven’t changed over the years he’s been working and living on the land.

He is also mighty in the fact that he raised his grandson as if the boy was his son. This can be seen as an extravagant quality as he is taking an innocent and naïve child into his home to raise as his own. Even though Phillip knows that it is his grandfather he still possesses the love for him as though he were his father. An example of this is,

“Tousle my hair,” this shows the power of his love for his grandson.

A powerful most import quality that grandpa reveals, within the text, is courage. As the reader can see when Phillip writes,

“I had to remind myself that that was just a couple of days in a long and courageous lifetime,” it shows that he has been through many hardships, faced many obstacles while managing his farm and tackled much criticism but earned respect.

Quite opposite from all his other qualities, he has the gentleness of a lamb and the affection of it’s mother. An example of this is,

“Planting the most fragile green filaments.” This shows that his strong hands still possess some sort of gentility to them, even though he was a hard working man. He shows that he’s affectionate also when Phillip writes,

“I can also remember the kindness in those hand when they’d tousle my hair.” This shows he takes care and time to show the boy that he does love him and cares for the way he treats him.

Another quality that he possesses is that he is strong, mostly physically, but emotionally as well. An example of this is,

“A hand sharpening an axe…” this shows that he is constantly working meaning that there is little time for rest. This also means that if there is little rest then he must have some mite of strength.

Grandpa is a humorous man, even through all the hardships he faces, he still shines with a bright smile, if not he makes others smile around him. He may be a worn man, but he can still have a good time with his friends, and this makes him a humorous man to others. An example of this quality is,

“ Invite their friends around for a few beers, a couple of crays and a sing-song.” This shows that grandpa is certainly a sociable man and is able to forget all his woes and fatigue after a days works, and also able to crack a joke. This is a tremendous quality that grandpa possesses.

Intelligence is one of the many qualities that is brought about in the text written by Phillip that he expresses about his grandpa. He is intellectual, a quick thinker and very up to date with the issues in th world and these qualities are shown in the text where Phillip writes,

“And he’s always read me the headlines,” and also, when grandpa reads about the events of the world and having knowledge about the world is a true quality.

Another quality Grandpa possesses is wisdom. This quality is shown as when he would call out to Phillip to help him plough the fields,

“We’d lead the horse past the white chrysanthemums he was growing for the Mother’s Day market, past the beds of violets that were his specialty, between the poppies that were coming into bloom, to the earth that was ready to be turned.” This shows that Grandpa possesses the wisdom when it comes to flowers. It shows that for years he has known when and how to plant the flowers and which flowers to plant.

Compassion is another quality grandpa acquires. Phillip is the closest to a son than what grandpa has ever known, since his own son is off to war. In this case, he feels the need to express compassion towards Phillip instead. For example,

“When I was three years old, he’d let me lead the draught horse out of the stable and I’d toddle, half terrified, beneath the gentle snorting, frost breathed colossus whose hoofs made the earth quiver.” This shows the grandpa not only wants the boy to understand what his work is like, but it also means that he loves the boy so much that he wants to shows him his work. When he lets Phillip lead the horse it is a powerful moment as the horse is so big. However we don’t feel terrified for the boy, instead we feel that grandpa shows his compassion in this way.

From reading Grandpa we can say he possesses a sense of determination. We can see this as all his life is made of is planting seeds and praying they’d rise into beautiful flowers. His determination is focuses on creating a garden of flowers, and because his determination is great he manages to do this every year.

Grandpa shows that he truly loves his grandson and loves his work at the same time, busy or not he has time for them both and this engages the reader to respond with a positive outlook of him and his work. We are also positioned to feel sympathetic for him and his family as they don’t live on much, and they still seem to go on with life. Examples of his love and hardships include,

“Capable acts of extraordinary sensitivity, as when he’d use his huge forefingers to make holes in his seed beds…”and also,

“Skinning rabbits … binding poppies … mixing horse’s feed…repairing punctures.” Both of these examples show the hardships and the love, with the last example being the hardships and the first the love. Grandpa still has time for his grandson, which makes us feel compassion towards him, and also because he shows he loves his grandson the reader is positioned to feel positively towards everything grandpa does for Phillip. Also when the text is written about the ration’s Phillip’s mother has to hand out, we feel sorry for their whole family as the have to live off almost nothing. However even in times of hardship we feel strongly towards grandpa as he tries so hard to make everything work. In the end as he dies, we feel sympathetic towards him and his family as they have to lose a strong and powerful man, and as the builders and construction workers knock down his home we feel hatred, however because grandpa lived a successful and loving life, we still feel that he is somewhat of a hero.

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