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The Importance if Bridges to Everyday Life

One of the most important innovations in the history of man is the bridge. What would the world we live in today be like without bridges? One can only wonder. This paper will discuss the importance of bridges to our society and our future development as well as the different types of bridges and how they are made.

It is impossible to determine when or where the first bridge was constructed. However, it is extremely likely that the first bridge was made in biblical times. The simple design of the bridge has changed very little since the earliest times, but the purpose of the bridge remains the same to this day. Which is to provide a way to cross an area of land otherwise unable to cross by foot or car.

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The materials used in making a bridge vary depending upon the design and how much weight the bridge is expected to hold. Everything from stone, metals or other alloys is used. One of the most common alloys used is concrete because of its incredible ability to support large amounts of weight and for its resistance to harsh weather. The devices used in constructing a bridge are just as important as the materials. Cranes and other heavy-duty vehicles are a key factor in constructing a bridge. Cranes are primarily used to hold a segment of the bridge steadily in place as personnel seal and connect it to the bridge supports. Building a bridge in sections is the method adopted by engineers today because it enables them to focus on one section at a time without having to be concerned about the big picture.

There is always research and development taking place in hopes of finding better materials, designs and ways of improving the modern bridges of the world. Any and all bridges start with a blueprint of the design and type. Some of the types of bridge that exist today are as follows support bridge, suspension bridge, and cable-stayed bridge. The support bridge is true to its name, a simple segmented bridge with many supports. This is the most common type of bridge because of its all-around capabilities. The suspension and cable-stayed bridges are commonly confused as being the same thing, but there is a difference. Suspension bridges can be suspended by anything, steel beams, wood beams etc. Cable-stayed bridges are suspended by nothing but cables that run down from the top of two tall towers usually positioned at the ends of the bridge. The most common example of a cable-stayed bridge is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

In conclusion, without the invention of bridges mankind would not be where it is today and the success of human beings is much the result of simple yet very useful inventions such as the bridge.

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