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Joseph Stalin

One of the most atrocious figures in political history remains one of the most evil, Joseph Stalin. He was known for his infamous purges, show trials, and ability to scare the Russian people. His reign was only surpassed by the slinky manor in which he obtained it.

Between 1 until 15, Joseph Stalin was the undisputed ruler of Russia. He did not rise to power immediately, but he slinkily obtained it by picking off his rivals? one by one. He started by getting involved with a radical group called the Bolsheviks and eventually proceeded to become a very important figure for the party. Eventually, he moved up the social ladder and became the general secretary of the central committee. With this position he was able to set agendas, transfer party officials and crush his opponents. He did this until he became a dictator in 1.

Stalin was then ready to deal with any opposition to his policies. In 15 he started the Great Purge in which no one was able to escape the terror of his rule. He eliminated the most prominent Bolsheviks and many army officers. He staged the Moscow Show Trials in which those men were convicted of terrible crimes. They were mostly all men that were part of the same Bolshevik party as Stalin himself. He did this for one cause only which was to make sure there was no competition to overthrow him. By the end of his reign, millions had perished and thousands had been imprisoned in camps. However, Stalin had ensured his spot as Russia?s dictator.

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The Bolsheviks were not the only ones that suffered due to Stalin. Everyone in Russia had shifty eyes, pointing fingers at everyone and anyone. People of all classes were suspected, prosecuted and put to death or work camps. This panic was because of Stalin. There was no one who was not accusing someone else. They feared that if they were not incriminating each other, they would be considered ?disloyal,? and be turned in by a neighbor. Basically, all of Russia was afraid. No one had the courage to stand up to Stalin, therefore, no progress was made and he maintained power.

Joseph Stalin?s climb to power was not always honest and moral. He disposed of his enemies and plotted against many dignified politicians. Once he was in control of the Soviet Union, he used any means necessary to make his country a world power. Because of the famineand labor camps, many of his subjects suffered greatly. Joseph Stalin did, however, obtain what he called absolute power. His regime also marked significant events that changed the course of the Soviet Union?s history. Although Stalin?s rule was considered inhumane many times, he was a savior to his subjects, and he reached the height of his power and prestige.

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