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The “War Between Brothers”, “The Gray and the Blue“, “a nation torn apart“; these and many other catch phrases remind people of the gruesome, and often said to be the worst, war in United States history, the Civil War. The Civil War was the war fought from 1861 through 1865, between the Northern, Union States and the self declared, Southern, Confederate States. This was often referred to as the war over slavery as the main cause of it was, in fact, slavery. This also led the second cause of the Civil War, which was the issue of states rights. Both of these issues were just as important as the other, and were the basis of the war that almost brought the most powerful present-day nation crumbling to the ground.

Slavery had been a great controversy since Biblical times, and until the Civil War, was used in many regions of the world. Slavery was the main cause of the Civil War and was legal in the South, but illegal in the North. The North had an economy based on industry, and had little need for slaves. Many northerners saw slavery as evil, immoral and wrong. However, major opinion in the South was the exact opposite. The South had an economy based on farming and agriculture, and had a high demand for slaves. Many Southerners believed Slavery to be a necessity. This opposition of the two opinions led to conflict.

The other major cause of the Civil War was the issue of states’ rights. This issue, which was mainly derived from slavery, was the second major factor that caused the alienation of the South. The South felt as though slavery was a right that the states should vote on and the North, did not. As pressure from abolitionists and northern congressmen over the issue of slavery increased, the South felt as though the government was infringing upon their state rights. One of the leading figures in the South’s fight for states’ right’s was John C. Calhoun who believed that “…agitation on the subject of slavery would end in disunion…” and that the southern states had “No concession or surrender to make” on the issue of slavery.

Major events that led to the outbreak of the Civil War occurred over a period of about forty years. The first major event was the Missouri Compromise which created a line at 6° 0’ north latitude. All states south of the line were slave states, and all states north of the line were free states, except for Missouri, which was entered as a slave state to balance the ratio of slave states to free states. This created much tension between the north and south, because every time a state was located both north and south of the line, there was much argument over who got the state. Another event that led to the Civil War was the Kansas - Nebraska Act in which the Nebraska territory was given popular sovereignty to decide on slavery. The south and the north then rushed to fill up Kansas with voting citizens to help bring the state onto “their side”.

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In the end, the Civil War was a war between friends and family that separated a nation over an unnecessary evil. Slavery was the cause of many unneeded battles and deaths and it’s true horrors had shone through during the Civil War. In the end, slavery was defeated with the Emancipation Proclamation and never showed itself in the United States again. One can now just hope that another war like the Civil War never happens again.

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