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Im sorry Mrs. Braganza, but the case is serious. Youll have to rush your daughter immediately to the hospital, I suspect it’s a case of Meningitis.

Those were the words of Dr. Kulkarni to my mother on my illness.

Meningitis was a word outside my mothers dictionary, she stared blankly at the doctor and then told him But doctor, my daughter has been under medication for fever for the past days and just today her condition had worsened with her unable to retain any food. The doctor went on to explain the symptoms of Meningitis, which was high fever followed by vomiting and a stiffness in the neck..

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Meningitis is an infection which causes inflation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord It is an extremely dangerous illness, the onset of the symptoms are sudden, and death can follow within hours. In as many as 10-15% of survivors there could be neurological defects like hearing loss, speech disorders, loss of limbs, mental retardation and paralysis.

My mother looked at me with shock and disbelief, I had always been an healthy child and if I did get sick, they were the normal childhood sickness. How could this happen to her daughter, she wondered.

However, there was no time to waste, it was past 10 in the night and I was rushed to the nearest hospital. As luck would have it, the doctor was still in and I was immediately put as an Emergency case. All I can remember is, there were these nurses who mercilessly poked needles into my spine and me screaming and crying with pain. Then everything went blank.

I regained my senses after nearly 15 days. That night, Im told, I was given just 1 hours to live, the doctor was very frank when he told my mother that if I lived I would probably loose the function of some of my organs, become mentally retarded and if my mother believed in miracles then I would come out unscathed. My mother was a devout woman and she put her entire trust in the Lord.

1 hours later, I was said to be out of danger but there was a difference in me, my eyes turned squint, my hands and legs seemed twisted and I began to behave differently. I woke up many times but I failed to recognise anybody. I was immediately referred to a nuero surgeon and put under several medications.

Word was sent to my school and the Parish to pray for me, every day at the school assembly special prayers were said for my recovery. My condition was so bad that I was even administered the Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick.

Although I was out of danger, there was no improvement in me. Would I be a vegetable for the rest of my life. After a week, I was rushed to Bombay Hospital for a CT scan. Surprisingly, all the reports showed that I was perfectly fine and had come out of the life threatening sickness unimpaired.

But I had still not regained my conciousness and people kept praying for me fervently for another miracle to happen. There is so much power in prayers that just days before my 14th birthday, I woke up from my sleep and kept wondering where I was. I saw the smiling face of my mother and she explained to me that I was in hospital. Slowly my memory returned and I remembered the needles being pricked into my spine.

I was in hospital for one full month and away from school for months. Thats how long it took for my recovery. When I went for my check up to Dr. Kulkarni, this is what he said, Praise God, this is your nd life, a miracle indeed.

Miracle, now what is this Miracle Im talking about? The dictionary defines a Miracle as a supernatural event, an event which creates faith.

Do you believe in miracles or is there anyone out here, who does not believe in miracles.

For those who do not believe in miracles, this is what I have to say The very fact that you woke up this morning is a miracle, that you can see is a miracle, that you can feel and speak are all but miracles, which we take for granted.

You could have had a heart attack last night and died in your sleep, or probably you could have met with a fatal accident while on your way to work and if you were to escape, then you would say Its a miracle, Im alive. When you escape the jaws of death, that’s when you realise that your life is a miracle, a blessing from the Lord above.

My life is a miracle. To me every hour of my day is a miracle, each part of my being is a miracle. Im living today is the work of a miracle.

I conclude in the words of Albert Einstein There are ways to live your life, one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle

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