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Have you ever thought that in one instance your life could change forever? That one moment, one word, could alter your view of the world around you and once again you forever would be a different, possibly better person? We have countless influences throughout our lives. Most of them, thankfully, have been positive. Regretfully though towards the beginning of fall of last year I was welcoming in many negative influences. In that particular recession of my life I met someone, one who has since transpired to be quite possibly one of the greatest influences in my life.

Ordinary wouldnt exactly represent the type of relationship we have. How we met was purely by chance. An act of fate might one say. You see it was not uncommon for me to say hello to a friend of mine who happened to be living and going to college in Ohio. My initial meeting with Steve occurred on a day that I happened to be attempting to reach his roommate, my friend, without success. A message on my computer was sent over an instant messaging system telling me that Chris wasnt around, that this was his roommate but hed leave a message for Chris that I was trying to reach him. Interestingly enough a simple thank you from me led into a conversation with him. By the end of our first of many talks I had begun to grow an interest in Steve. Enough to where we started to engage in a conversation on a daily basis. The chemistry between us was magnetic. The time flew in our discussions and each other was quick to learn of the others lives, including family, friends and everything in between.

It was in this beginning of our lives with each other in it that my own life took a turn for the better. I got to know Steve for all he was worth. I came to trust him, to respect him and to love him. He was someone that you just don’t meet everyday. There was this personality, this sweetness, this warmth that just radiated from him. We would talk and I’d find myself being lifted to a foreign place, away from everything so utterly confusing in my life. It was in being in his presence that I craved more. I began to want better for myself. I started to see clearly. I knew some things had to change.

What negativity I had engaged in isn’t important. What is important is that they ceased to exist the deeper my relationship grew with Steve. Certain activities no longer felt important or necessary. I began to see things for what they stood for and noticed how my past choices had affected where I was in life at that time and place. He helped me to realize that what I really sought after in life didn’t come in the ways I was trying to obtain it. Hard work, dedication and desire are what make dreams come true. It’s his continuous hard work in his schooling that has been a source of motivation in my life. I’ve picked myself up off the ground and realized that where I’m at scholastically isn’t where I’m most happy being. What I do want is to pursue an education in the Criminal Justice field, something that cannot be acquired at Saddleback. My research on schools that specialize in that area have led me to various colleges. The few I’m holding an interest in are located in Virginia and Indiana. Its towards the end of this summer that I will be taking a mini-vacation if you will, out to Indianapolis where I’ll go and visit the campuses, take a look, meet up with representatives and ask questions. I’m moving, moving forward to what I want in life and what will ultimately make me happy. I give thanks to myself but thanks to Steve first and foremost. I know that whatever I do, wherever I go he’ll be there for me in a million different forms and I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now without his constant support and love.

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I don’t know if Steve understands how much good he’s brought into my life since that fateful afternoon. There must have been an unusual yet magical November wind blowing that day that altered and intertwined the courses and quality of our lives everlastingly. I have grown to love him more than I have any other person thus far. There’s a connection, a bond that we share and I only hope to take everything I’ve gained from him and give some back in my own unique way. To be the influence in someone else’s life like he has in mine would be an honor, one I would cherish. People like Steve don’t just walk into your life. He fell into mine on accident but for a reason. I needed some guidance, I needed someone, and I needed him. Here’s the thanks for making my world a better place, a better place that all started because of you.

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