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Creon The Christian?

In the play Oedipus Creon is character which displays of many of the attributes that would make an excellent Christian. Although Christianity wasn’t the predominant religion at the time the play was written, Creon seemed to be lead by something other than himself or by the god that is the head of the Christianity. Not just anyone can be called a Christian, but it takes a person who can show great wisdom in the face of adversity like Creon. Secondly another important aspect of Christianity is the fact that in the past Christians where willing to risk the consequences of death if they were found to be a liar much like Creon, seeing how when faced with death and exile he never changed his words. And the third very important aspects of Christianity that Creon displays are humility in light of the fact that some one has wronged him.

I believe that the God of Christianity gave Creon wisdom in the face of adversity. Throughout the play Oedipus accuses Creon of trying to take Oedipus’s life in order to have the throne for himself. Creon could have answered these accusations in many ways but instead he chose the show Oedipus that he ‘s happy with his position by saying “Would any sane man prefer power with all the king’s anxieties, to the same power and grace of sleep? Certainly not I. I have never longed for the king’s power only his rights would any wise man differ from me in this? How could I desire a scepter more than what is mine now- untroubled influence?” (Sophocles ). In saying that he shows Oedipus that he doesn’t want the throne because he all ready has power and recognition and he doesn’t have or want the responsibilities of that comes with being king. Now Creon has brought up a very valid point, Oedipus being the rage driven character that he is stills doesn’t believe Creon which in turn forces Creon to show that he in fact telling the truth and his word is his life.

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Creon is constantly being cut down by Oedipus and called a liar and bad friend, so in response Creon says “Test what I have said go to the priestess at Delphi, ask if I quoted her correctly. And as for this one thing if I am found Guilty of treason. Then sentence me to death! You have my word it is a sentence I should cast my vote for but not without evidence!” (). Creon is basically stating to Oedipus that he’s not lying that he’s telling the truth in fact so much that he is willing to put his life on the line to show Oedipus. Along with being a very wise and honest man Creon also displays one more important quality that would make a great Christian and that is his humble attitude.

Throughout the end of the play Oedipus drove Creon’s name through the mud. In light of the fact that Oedipus has been found to been in an incestuous relationship with his mother and to have killed his father Creon enters into the palace to find a blind Oedipus and says “I have not come to mock you, Oedipus or to reproach either But do not allow this pollution to show itself openly here, an affront the earth and heaven’s rain and the light of day. No, take him into the house for it is proper that only close kindred see his grief”(51). So what Creon did was disregarded everything that Oedipus had done to him and instead tries to help him get out of the public eye as to avoid further embarrassment and humiliation. The head or god of Christianity is most definitely leading Creon because he could have just left the Oedipus where he was and joined in the mocking of him but instead he helps which most definitely shows great humbleness and humility.

In conclusion I believe that Creon shows three important aspects of being a Christian, which is his ability to show wisdom in the face of adversity, his willingness to have the truth be shown no matter what the consequence, and his great humility towards those which have wronged him.

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