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Porfirio Diaz began the greatest thing that had happened to Mexico; modernization. This modernization not only helped Mexico recuperate after bloody civil wars and civil unrest, but also rejuvenated foreign investment that the country was lacking. From an economic standpoint, Mexico achieved more then it could have ever bargained for, increasing output and also building more transporting networks, which includes railroads. Sadly, there was a dark side to this prosperity. In fact, most people of Mexico did not live in sanitary conditions, something that is not expected in a “modern” nation, especially when that term is used.

This modernization began when Diaz had power. This power did not come easily though because he had to defeat Juarez, who had his own reforms in mind. These two opposing views led to a revolt by Diaz. Being a revolt and not a revolution, he lost. Luckily for him Juarez died suddenly, which gave him an opportunity to take over the government and over throw Juarez’s successor, Lerdo de Tejada. Diaz did not want to make the same mistake, so he portrayed himself as a liberal who was working to help the people, rather then show any military affiliation, like previous years. Now that he was in power, he did what he wanted to do all along, bring in foreign capital.

Diaz knew that in order to create a safe atmosphere for investment, he had to make the investors feel protected. This was a real hassle because rebels were creating a stir among the people. Diaz was quick to resolve this issue by creating the Rurales, a gang of convicts that police the internal problems of Mexico. They did a great job and dramatically lowered the crime rate because they were not being forced and were getting paid very well. Evidently, that means many were killed to achieve this peace because many people did not like his dictatorship, which is one of the reasons that led up to the Mexican Revolution. Aside from the complaints of the peasants, countries now found themselves jumping into a gold mine, full of possibilities.

The resources that seemed lucrative to both Europe and the U.S. were oil and silver. Diaz lied to both sides about the trading so he can maximize his profits. Some of these resources needed to be shipped to the coast, so companies built railroads, which not only connected the country, but also provided jobs. Sadly, most jobs or at least the significant jobs did not belong to the Mexicans. Diaz was so greedy that he paid foreigners more then his own citizens, all to have a bustling economy at their expense. Even though he exploited his own people, he did deliver on his promise about a great economy with a lot of money. He just did not say exactly where that money would go though. This is what made most people upset.

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The economy and reforms did not actually unify the country, but led an even wider gap. The rich were now beyond rich, while the poor were being exploited in the name of prosperity. To make matters worse the poor did not have a voice because they were killed by the rurales. The only reason the poor actually got a chance to take action is because Diaz said he would not reelect himself. Mexico is still in ruins, while everyone else globally is benefiting from Mexico. Economic problems cannot be solved, if the social ones are not addressed.

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