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“I have a dream” is a famous quotation spoken by Martin Luther King Jr, a man highly respected by all who had that dream. In order for a dream to be fulfilled, you must have an honest chance to go beyond what you are used to and to feel a kind of love and freedom that you have never felt before. Asian children have a dream, but instead of living that dream they spend their days working with all the power left in their limbs to only gain pennies in reward. Children in Asia should have a choice whether they want to work or get a proper education. Let one little child work for 10 grinding, pressure twisted hours and ask them, letting them speak from their own heart, “Did you enjoy today?” When working at such a young age, these children are therefore the victims of the undying pain and disease that follows them for the rest of their earthly lives. The problem in Asia is poverty. Erase poverty and therefore erase child labour. It is one way of resolving this issue. As we have seen from the many grueling and painful years of child labour in Asia, we should now recognize that it should be prohibited and forgotten by all mankind.

What is preferable Education over child labour or child labour over education? This should be the question asked, by the people, in the direction of the Asian child labourers. South Asia remains home to the largest number of working children in the world (Edelweiss F. Silma, Child Labor in Asia A Review, http//www.hurights.or.jp/asia-pacific/no_5/0childlabor.htm). When comparing this to any other country in North America, it would be exactly the opposite situation. The Majority of North American young people attend school, go through the education process, and find future careers in the community (Edelweiss F. Silma , Child Labor in Asia A Review, http//www.hurights.or.jp/asia-pacific/no_5/0childlabor.htm). The choices are endless and abundant. In Asia, on the other hand, there choice is limited and immoral. The choice has two options to work or to be known as a disgrace to your country and your family which usually results in death. If someone in Asia was born today it is likely that they would become a child labourer in the near future. Is this fair to offspring that might have dreams? These dreams are crushed by man’s irrational thinking that a child is a slave. For a moment, we should think of the endless possibilities for Asian children if they had their own choice. Education is not perfect but it would allow young children to fulfill their dreams. Even if the choice was made, by one child, in favour of child labour, let him work because he is eager to do what his heart desires not because he was painfully forced in to such a horrid prison.

As well as there being a great importance for the child’s choice between child labour and a full healthy education, there is also the issue of great pain and problems formed because of such intense labouring. Child Labourers are exposed to hazards while doing heavy household and industrial work. Most of them (child labourers) are victims of verbal, physical, and sexual abuse (Edelweiss F. Silma, Child Labor in Asia A Review, http//www.hurights.or.jp/asia-pacific/no_5/0childlabor.htm). This proves that children in Asia are been treated unjustly and unfairly. They need to have the proper care to do such difficult jobs. Child labour conditions need to be observed and reconstructed to fit the needs of these children. Set standards and laws to live by to eliminated the amount of injuries and technical dilemmas that happen to be brought upon the immature kids who do not have the knowledge of adults. To be put in a factory, for example, what is stopping a child from making one wrong choice that might cause injury and death to a great deal of workers. Is this the child’s fault? The child has but one choice that he must obey. He is weak and starving but is still persevering just to please his employer. It must be his fault! What would happen if injury came upon this young child! Who is responsible for this young man? The question that is yet to be answered!

Although it is important for the children in Asia to have their choice and be treated as fair and responsible people, the underlying issue that’s causing child labour in Asia is poverty. The long term solution to child labour problems lies in reducing poverty, improving the quality of education, and expand access to schooling to disadvantaged social groups ( Edelweiss F. Silma , Child Labor in Asia A Review, http//www.hurights.or.jp/asia-pacific/no_5/0childlabor.htm).. To this day, Asian children are feeling intense pressure brought upon by hard labouring, starvation, and most of all, their parents. Parents have to send their kids to work not because there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt but for the sole purpose to nourish and provide for their family. This indicates that these children don’t have a choice. Poverty has scurried its way into the family like a disease that is highly contagious. It is like a jail cell that will never have that chance of becoming unlocked, unless the key is found. The only “key” that Asian people refer to and use at this point is child labour.

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The pain and the suffering in Asia, due to the massive amounts of children used in brutal labour, should now come to a halt. The long dark tunnel of poverty does have an opening, and if you would just open your eyes the light can be seen. Disease and pain are earthly realities and can be forgiven and forgotten. Children should be making the choices that affect their life and their future. Nobody else has the right to. The dream in Asia is not far from human grasp but the whole body needs to function flawlessly for the hand to reach and grasp that dream.

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