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Why pursue a graduate degree? This is a question asked numerous times and by each student before they choose to enter graduate school. One must consider the reasons for deciding to enter graduate school along with reasons for not entering at the same time. One of the questions to be considered is what benefit(s) would be achieved by attending graduate school? If the benefits achieved by attending outweigh the negatives associated with not attending graduate school then by all means one should pursue the graduate degree.

The reason choosen to pursue a graduate degree was to further my education in the area of computers and information systems. Only holding a Baccalaureate degree could hold one back when attempting to pursue various jobs associated within the computer industry. Even though experience have been attained in the field, many potential employers view education (or lack thereof) as a negative. A graduate degree could open doors that might not otherwise be accessible. The graduate degree could also bring about a career that adds a great deal of prestige and self-satisfaction.

Take into consideration some of the benefits that could be derived from a graduate degree such as broadening my job opportunities, acquiring new knowledge in the field, increasing my earning potential, meeting licensing or certification requirements, augmenting my professional network, learning new state-of-the-art technology, exploring new methodologies, demonstrating advanced intellectual capabilities and gaining expertise in a the computer discipline. By earning a graduate degree this could help pursue special interests, help find new leadership positions, gain greater community prestige and perhaps develop professional recognition.

Take into consideration some of the negatives as well. You must become a dedicated student for at least a year and a half to two years. This would involve time away from family and a commitment to attending class and the hours necessary to complete work assignments. This could be in addition to a full time job as well. You must also have enough funds to pay for the tuition, books and travel to get the graduate degree. The ask yourself if it worth the effort, funds and time necessary to get a graduate degree?

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If the answer is yes then by all means pursue the graduate degree with passion and desire to succeed!

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