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Change is often unsettling, often challenging and can be depicted in many ways. Change can take many forms and have varying affects on different people and the way they see themselves. Change is seen differently in the eyes of varying people; perspectives change as we interpret things differently and whether the change is positive or negative. Change is also constant and hard to endure as we live out our lives with a forever-changing environment; nothing is the same as it once was.

Micheal Lueig’s cartoon, “The 6 ages of man”, shows a strong message of negative change in ones-self, which alters the persona’s view towards change. The cartoon begins with a figure standing proud and tall, with secreted lines of joy and excitement, combining these techniques together portrays a person who is happy and excited about breaking free from his fears and barriers to his normal life. He begins his epic journey of change, as the figure is seen leaving through an open door into a new day, a new world waiting to be explored by the eager mind.

The last few cells are the complete contrast to that of the first in that he now walks slouched with a long, sad face, showing that he is displeased about the resultant of his efforts of change. He has experienced what change can offer to him, but obviously not enjoyed it showing he has experienced a negative change. Also dots trace his path from the door representing his speedy retreat from the open door reiterating that he doesn’t like the new world. He is scared of the difference between the new world, and that of the one he has lived for his past, a life with no direction, loneliness, like “aimless patterns in the dirt” also shown in the poem from Gwen Harwood, “In The Park”. This cartoon depicts the possibility of negative changes that can be chosen or experienced, also that the change experienced is might not always turn out the way you want it to.

The film “Finding Forrester” also portrays a solid definition of forced personnel change with a positive outcome through others. In that through William’s fog of confusion, and darkness of hopelessness, Jamal was there to open the door for William and show him the light. This forced change can best be shown in the “Yankee Stadium” scene. William’s hesitation to this outing is obvious as he bides his time; also he wears clothing that suggests that he is trying to hide from the public.

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In Jamal’s attempts to confront William, Jamal is denied and is shrugged off as if to say “you left me here alone, go away” but William soon realises that it wasn’t Jamal’s fault and he follows. This small event shows the start of a positive change in the self encased William Forrester. He begins to trust and appreciate Jamal’s friendship.

As they enter the empty stadium, personified as Forrester’s dark, and desolate life. They are led by torchlight through a field shrouded in darkness, to emphasis Forrester’s loneliness; they reach the centre mound, at the centre of his own peril. As the camera circles around William, and his life, Jamal understands William’s want for a secluded life. He sees how much pain and guilt he had endured after his brothers’ death, and how he punished himself for that tragedy. Jamal has seen the inner motives from Forrester, and ultimately sees that he is a normal person, only who has fenced themselves in with such bottled up emotion.

Through this learning experience for both Jamal and William, William’s ‘hermit’ life had been cut short, so to speak, due to Jamal helping Forrester to open the door into the light of a new world and leading William from his haze of loneliness and hopelessness.

Gwen Harwood’s poem � “The Glass Jar” taps into tradition and uses religious symbols to achieve the message of an induced change, which is obviously hard for this child to endure as he is blocked from his comforter. The line ‘the sons disciples’ shows that the sunrays raining onto the earth are the Disciples of Christ spreading light and wisdom, linking to the religious symbolism related to this poem.

As this young boy sleeps, he dreams of evil and monsters that quickly disrupts him. In tears, he runs though the house to ‘the last clearing he dare not pass’, which is personified as his mother’s bedroom, where he seeks guidance. But instead of a welcome he sees ‘his comforter in his rival’s fast embrace’. The rival being his father, who is executing ‘violence’ onto his mother and in this moment of disgust, he is left to face his fears alone, with no help. With this sight in his immediate consciousness he runs ‘Back to bed, to dreams far worse’ where he dreams of ‘a ring of skeletons’ dancing around him and his rival ‘holding fiddle and bow’ plays the tune to which they dance. The tune being that of “The Dance Macabre” - “The Death Dance”. Showing that there is immense amount of grief, competition between him and his father, and immediate hatred, shrouded onto his father, his attempts at a refuge denied, the rival availing to his horror.

As the morning approaches he has woken as a new person, suggesting that he has been reborn � a renaissance of life. The boy waking a pure, cleansed person shows the continuing of the religious symbolism. He has rid himself of the hatred towards his father and feels clean, as he has also rid himself of the evils that possessed him through the night.

These texts all have the similar meaning in that they have shown change through a forced traumatic experience. This changes them for the better or worse. In that they have either regretted or rejoiced their experience of the changed endured, whether it be hard or easy.

Miroslav Holub’s poem � “The Door” also shows change, by trying to force the reader to take a chance and accept the consequences that could be involved with moving forward. The line ‘Go and open the door’ suggests that there is no option and that you are ordered to do so. The persona is forced to walk through the door, this can also been scene in the stadium scene of “Finding Forrester” as Forrester is forced by Jamal to leave his home to go to the stadium. Throughout the poem he implores the reader to consider many different possibilities that may lie on the other side of the door. ‘Maybe there is a tree, a wood, a magic city’

The lines ‘if there’s a fog, it will clear’, ‘the darkness ticking’ � ‘hollow wind’ all can be directly linked to the stadium scene in “Finding Forrester”. Where the fog represents the sea of faces where he can’t see his direction, the darkness is William’s confusion as he doesn’t know what is happening and how to respond to the chaos that is occurring around him, and the hollow wind is personified as the cold sharp footsteps of people as they pass his vantage point of safety. The clearing of the fog occurs when Jamal leads William through the door and into the light of a new world.

All these chosen texts have further helped me to understand the meaning of change, as they all have displayed change from a different perspective and have shown that change can be good or bad and can also have the different affects on people. Also showing that change is constant in that no matter what we do, change will have either a positive or negative affect on our actions and, in some cases, making it hard to endure. Subconsciously showing that change can be often unsettling, often challenging…

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