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What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is not a disease or a symptom. Excess level of cholesterol will bring bad effect to our health. Most people have misconception about cholesterol. Many people think that cholesterol is a disease that should avoid, and most of them think that cholesterol will only affect elders and obese people. This concept is absolutely wrong. Cholesterol is a soft, waxy substance or fatty lipid that can be found in the bloodstream and in all our body’s cells (Encyclopedia). Cholesterol it self consists of two kinds the bad one and the good one, LDL and HDL. Cholesterol is needed as an important part of healthy body because it is used to form cells membranes, some hormones in our body, and serve other needed bodily functions (“About Cholesterol”). However, excess level of it can lead us to a major risk of our health such as stroke, cancer, and heart attack. Therefore, we have to know what is caused by cholesterol, the effects of cholesterol, and how to prevent high level of cholesterol.

First of all, cholesterol can be caused eating pattern and genetic. Most common people will think that high level of cholesterol only for obese people. This is a wrong idea, because no matter how big or active we are, we still have same risk to have high level of cholesterol. However, obese people are more like to have high level of cholesterol than slim active people. Smoking cigarette is another important cause. Smoking forces levels of protective HDL level down while producing many other harmful cardio vascular effects. Obesity is another source that can lead to high level of cholesterol. Obese people normally have a high triglyceride that is a form of fat produced by food. People with high triglycerides often have high total cholesterol, high LDL cholesterol and low HDL cholesterol level (“What the Difference”). Diabetes and high blood pressure are also found to be important causes of having high level of cholesterol. People with diabetes and high blood pressure are also likely to have high triglyceride.

Furthermore, having high level of cholesterol does have bad effects on the people. First, it can lead people to the risk of heart attack. This is because too much LDL or bad cholesterol can clog arteries in people bodies. High level of cholesterol will also lead people to stroke. Deposits of cholesterol can build up inside arteries and these deposits can narrow an artery enough to slow or block blood flow. This narrowing process occurs in arteries that nourish the heart. When heart muscle fails to get blood, plaque may rupture and thus causing blood clots. This then results in stroke (“Fats & Cholesterol”). The last effect is cancer. European studies have found out that fats may higher the risk of breast cancer among women. Lately, it is also proven that high level of cholesterol may result in colon cancer, prostate cancer and endometrial cancer. Therefore, people should now be aware of the bad effects of having high level of cholesterol.

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However, recent studies have found out that high level of cholesterol can be prevented. First, people should consume more foods low in saturated fat and cholesterol. Using margarine instead of butter will help lower the level of cholesterol because margarine has less saturated fat and thus it is preferable to the stick forms for a heart-healthy diet (“Fats & Cholesterol”). Another way to prevent having high level of cholesterol is to exercise regularly. Exercising, such as aerobic, may help people to burn the fats inside their body and force the heart to pump more often so that it lowers the level of triglyceride inside the body (“Cholesterol in Children”). The other prevention is drug therapy. Drug therapy combined with lifestyle changes helps people with very high cholesterol to reduce heart attacks by 4 percent and cardiac deaths by more than 40 percent. These ways of prevention are believed to helpful to people having a high level of cholesterol.

After knowing the causes, effects and ways to prevent having high level of cholesterol, it is a good idea to have our cholesterol checked at early age. People should also be aware of what they eat by choosing liquid vegetable oil or soft tub margarine, reducing intake of commercially prepared baked goods, snack foods, and processed foods. Therefore, people should avoid having a high risk of death due to high level of cholesterol.

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