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here are many departments that serve the city of West Haven. This section will offer you information regarding a wide variety of services.

When coming to City Hall the Departments are located as follows

1st Floor

Tax Department; Assessors Office; City Clerk & Registrars Office

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nd Floor

Human Resources; Health; Personnel; Judge of Probate

rd Floor

Mayors Office, Finance, City Council; Public Works, Corporation Counsel, Building, Planning & Zoning, Community Development, Grants & Engineering

A site for the West Haven Board of Education can be found at www.whschools.org

A site for the West Haven Parks and Recreation Department can be found at www.whparkrec.com

A site for the West Haven Police Department can be found at www.whpd.com

Payment of Taxes

Types of Property Subject to Taxation

Real Estate

Motor Vehicles

Personal Property

Also collected

Sewer User Fee

Fire District Taxes

NOTE Tax Due Notices Are Issued June and January

Address to Mail Payments to

Collector of Taxes

P.O. Box 401

West Haven, CT 06516

Mailing of Tax Bills

Taxes due July 1 are mailed on or about June 15.

Taxes due January 1 are mailed on or about December 15.

When Are Tax Bills Due?

If you are the owner of record of Real and/or Personal Property to include Motor Vehicles or your Real property is subject to a charge for Sewer Usage. You will be billed for taxes according to the following schedule


First half installment of Real Estate Taxes due as well as Personal Property Taxes and Motor Vehicle Taxes, each of which are billed in one installment.


Second half installment of Real Estate Taxes are due & Supplemental Motor Vehicle Taxes are due.

When Do Taxes Become Delinquent?

Taxes for all property types become delinquent 0 days after the due dates indicated above. That means that taxes can be paid, without incurring a charge for delinquent interest, according to the following schedule

If due July 1 - can be paid without penalty through July 1.

If due January 1 - can be paid without penalty through January 1.

What is the Interest Charge for Delinquent Taxes?

Interest on delinquent taxes is charged at the rate of 1.5% per full or partial month in accordance with Connecticut General Statute 1-146.

Not only the Communists but many of their critics (such as Solzhenitsyn) have swiftly dismissed the idea that czarism was an important influence upon Communist theory and practice. But the evidence is compelling.

Communism first took hold in Russia, a nation with a centuries-old reputation for despotism, servility, and brutality. The Marquis de Custine, whose Letters from Russia (18) led many to dub him the de Tocqueville of Russia observed that Government in Russia is military discipline in the place of civil order, a state of siege which has become the normal state of society. This authoritarian tradition strongly influenced the Russian Marxists, and through them much of the world socialist movement. Some of the important features of czarism that Communism drew upon and intensified included


Absolute Power

The histories of most of the nations of Europe are marked by multi-polar and limited centers of power. King, church, and nobles usually had to share power to a significant extent. As legal historian Harold Berman writes

The pluralism of Western law, which has both reflected and reinforced the pluralism of Western political and economic life, has been, or once was, a source of development, or growth - legal growth as well as political and economic growth. It also has been, or once was, a source of freedom. A serf might run to the town court for protection against his master. A vassal might run to the kings court for protection against his lord. A cleric might run to the ecclesiastical court for protection against the king.

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