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Formany years men and women have had roles to play. These roles offeres security, but thy also placed restriction on each sex. Women would remain at home raising the children and running the house hold. Generally, men were expected to be successful and be providrs for their families. Women today are pursing many new careers, and some women are even considering joining the U.S. Military. Some men beleive that it is inappropriate role for women to join the U.S. Military. We should support women who join the U.S. Military. These women can handle the duties of combat. Having women in the combat roles in the U.S. Military shows that women can do almost anything a man can. Women in the U.S. Military should be in good physical shape, handle stress, and have confidence. Women in the military should be in the front row for combat.

First, havinh women in combat roles in the U.S. Military has giving confidence for the females because it shows that women can do almost anything a man can do. If women want to serve in the front line they should not be excluded just because they are women. Women in the military are being trained for war. These wiomen are being trained to use weapons for war purposes. If these women can fire weapons, then they should be able to be in the front line just like the men.Women in the military serve on all our surface ships. They serve on submarines, fly on combat aircraft, and fly helicopters. If military women can do all that men do then they should be able to be in the front line foor combat.

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