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An omelet can be any combination of ingredients that you want to have. Make it with any type of fruit or vegatable. Put in any type of herbs that you want. In any type of omelet, first start the process with eggs and then move on with the other ingredients such ascheese, fruit, veggies, herbs and finally meat. The omelet making process is made up of four basic steps ingredients, cooking, flip and serve.

The first step in making an omelet is to gather your ingredients and lay them all out on your work surface. Then get a frying pan, preferably a nonstick pan, and put it on the eye of the stove. The idea is to get everything ready to go in the pan because the omelet will cook fairly quickly. Then get the needed eggs and break the shells and put in a bowl. Then whisk the eggs with a quarter cup of milk per every two eggs for a cremier texter and better taste. Sit the eggs aside for further use.

The second step is to heat the pan to medium and put in two tablespoons of butter. Once heated, put in the eggs and swirl them until the consistency is almost firm. Now, sprinkle your cheese over the eggs. Use any type of cheese that youy like. I like just plane old cheddar. Some people prefer a combination of cheeses such as Colby jack or mozzarella and cheddar.

The third step is to place your fruit, veggies, meat and herbs in the mixture. I would recommend that you mix these ingredients in a bowl ahead of time. Then pour the ingredients over the egg and cheese mixture. It all depends on how you feel that day on how you make your own omelet.

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The last steps in the omelet making process are the flip and serve. Once all the ingredienst are in the pan and the eggs are firm from the heat, you take the spatula and turn one side of the eggs onto the other side. If your eggs are firm enough yet, they will break up and you will have scrambled eggs. Once one side is flipped over onto the other side, you take the pan off the heat and slide the omelet onto a plat and serve it or just sit down and eat it yourself.

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