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Meteorology is the study of weather and the atmosphere outside. Meteorologists are people who study meteorology. Without meteorology plains wouldn’t have radar or satellites, it tells us what to wear, or even for safety during storms. The way meteorology does this is through radar, computers, satellites, and even balloons. These are special types of balloons though. One is the Pilat balloon, this tells the speed of the wind. Another device is weather satellite. This tells how clouds move and also their altitude.


A couple of meteorologists are Steve Doocy, Tom Skilling, and Steve Hortsmeyer. Now let me tell you about what they study.


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There are three different types of storms. Each is a little different from the other. They are as follows thunderstorms, tornados, and hurricanes.


Thunderstorms are storms of lighting and thunder that cause rain. They start with the -------- clouds where they are either to cold and/or they start to go in an upward motion. Three things thunderstorms need are moisture, unstable air, and life. At the top of a thunderstorm it can be as low as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun’s energy is carried through a thunderstorm. A thunderstorm’s winds can be as strong as those of a tornado. One of the most severe thunderstorms took place on April 14,1, in Sydney. This storm had hailstones as big as cm and money wise they lost 1.5 billion in less than one hour.


A tornado is a violently rotating column of air, -------- from a cumuliform cloud or underneath a cumuliform cloud. Tornados are basically thunderstorms that have high winds and rotate. They can have hail, rain, lightning, but not all the time. Most of the time it’s is extremely silent then the storm occurs. The length of time it lasts all depends; it could be seconds to minutes or even hours. Most tornados form on land but can be formed on water. This is called a waterspout. They are not as destructive as a regular tornado, but can still do damage. The way they measure the size of a tornado is through the fujita scale. Dr. T. Theadore Fujita founded this scale. The scale itself is hard to use, because you can’t be exactly right.


The Saffir Simpson scale can be used to measure a hurricane. They can see and tell by how much damage it may have caused. They have five different levels, and on level five you have to leave your home because roof collapsing occurs. One of the most expensive and destructive hurricanes was Andrew. It started in South Florida and made its way to Louisiana. Hurricane Andrew left thousands dead and caused 6.5 billion dollars worth of damage. That is by far the most expensive hurricane in the United States.

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