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Analyse the political, social, and economic impacts of the Australian Government on its people during the 101-114 period. 600 word limit

The actions, policies, and concepts underpinning the Australian Government at both federal and state levels during the 101-114 period had profound economic, political, and social impacts on the Australian people. Australian society at this time was divided by race, sex, and to a lesser extent, class distinctions. These social groups were significantly affected by the government at this time.

The ratification of the White Australia Policy was one of the first political issues to be addressed by the newly formed federal government in 101. This fact alone illustrates how important it seemed to the government to place limitations on non-European immigration, and also it reflects the racist views of Australian society at the time. The policy made life in Australia even more difficult for non Anglo-Saxon, and especially non-European immigrants, not to mention the Kanakas who had come to Queensland to work on the sugar plantations. These groups not only found it difficult to find employment, accommodation, and other living essentials, but were subjected to a form of government-endorsed racism that was perhaps rivaled only by the apartheid regime of South Africa.

“His [the Chinaman’s] house is rarely washed out...you will find disease and malaria seething in every hole and corner. Their crime is that they are a cheap race, cheap to a degree which is destructive to the white race.”

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- R. Thompson 1888

For these reasons many immigrants chose to live in the same areas as others of the same nationality, a trend which is still visible today. Furthermore, the policy was introduced at a time when the country was recovering from a depression which had shrunk outlets for Australian goods in Britain. By introducing the Immigration Restriction Act (101), the government had also denied Australian exporters the opportunity to develop new markets in the powerful and industrialising nation of Japan. It can therefore be said that the government’s introduction of the White Australia Policy consequently did more harm than good to Australia.

Despite this, the government did have some positive social impacts on Australian society in the post-federation period. One such issue was the question of women’s rights to vote. South Australia become the first place in the world to give women, albeit not Aboriginal women, the right to vote. The rest of Australia closely followed in what was but one part of a massive change that society was undergoing. Soon Australian women were given the same property rights as men, and began entering the workforce. Opportunities for women in Australia were getting better, even if men were still reluctant to give them high positions.

Economic issues were also dealt with by the government. In the 101-14 period, transport was an area experiencing rapid progression in Australia. The automobile, still something of a novelty, was being increasingly used by those who could afford it. The government decided to introduce the compulsory registration of vehicles, a move which suggested that automobiles were here to stay. Aviation was also a new area and 10 saw the first powered flight in Australia. By 114 the government had established the first air-mail system. Long distance mail could now be delivered faster, and the government’s decision to use aircraft commercially was important step in assuring the future of the aeroplane. However, the greatest effect that this transport revolution had was that it signaled the beginning of ‘urban sprawl’; the rapid lateral growth of Australia’s major cities. This was a result of the widespread use of mass transportation, which allowed people to travel further and faster. This in turn gave birth to the concept of ‘suburbs’ and the effect on Australian society was enormous.

It is plain to see from these examples that the Australian government had very significant and widespread effects on society; politically, socially, and economically. The majority of these effects were the results of decisions that reflected public opinion and the demands of society, although this was not always in the best interests of the country - there were positive and negative effects on the various groups that make up the Australian population. Nevertheless, Australia would be a very different place than it is today if it were not for the actions of the government during the post-federation period.

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